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To campers and explorers and wayfinders, gardeners and foragers and chefs, to people who cherish their moments spent outdoors—Welcome to the Barebones blog, COMPASS. 

Our intentions for COMPASS are simple: to help elevate your life outdoors. However you prefer to get outside, here you’ll find content that inspires connections and creativity within nature. 

At Barebones, we believe elevated outdoor experiences can connect us more deeply to ourselves, our surroundings, and each other.

These experiences aren't reliant on products, but they can be amplified by products that help eliminate distractions, allowing us to immerse ourselves in the moment. That’s why Barebones creates lasting, purposeful products built for function, crafted through experience, and perfected by design. Spades connect our hands to soil and the soft, tangible beds where our seedlings will sprout. Boots connect our feet to sand, rocks and rivers, allowing us to become a part of the environment around us. Lanterns connect our eyes to trails and allow us to see beauty in even the quietest moments. The right products make us feel like we belong.

Stay tuned into COMPASS for ideas, recipes, guides, and reflections on outdoor experiences that will enrich your time spent outdoors.

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