Beat the Heat with a Backpack Cooler

The Barebones Backpack Cooler proved to be one of the best backpack coolers in 2017. It was toted to raucous concerts in the park and sandy picnics on the beach, it was packed for arid hikes through narrow desert canyons and stocked with celebratory beers for the summit, and it was loaded with perishables for overnight trips in vast mountain meadows. The side pockets on the Backpack Cooler have been stuffed with beer koozies, sunblocks, ball caps, and hiking maps. The bottle-opener has been passed around, and the liner has been rinsed, reused, and rinsed again. Throughout the many trips the Backpack Cooler has been on, it kept ice water from warming, it kept sandwiches from being smashed, and it weathered numerous storms without wearing out.

The soft sides of the Backpack cooler bag provide a nice seatback to lean on when you pause to enjoy the view of your hike. Grab onto the durable, leather-wrapped carrying strap to pass the cooler around for your friends to grab themselves a snack. The insulation will keep the contents of the Backpack Cooler cold without passing the chill onto your back–while still preventing the summer heat from affecting your treats.

Packing a lunch and going for a summer hike may be one of the greatest ways to appreciate all that the summer has to offer. The sun sits high so hikers have ample time to climb to new heights and return home within the span of a single day, while the nights are warm and inviting to those hikers who drag their feet getting home. While the sunlight and the warmth may be pleasant for our bodies, it isn’t as nice when our lunches and drinks get warm. In order to beat the heat of summer hikes, an insulated cooler backpack is the perfect hiking gear for keeping snacks and drinks cool throughout the day.

The Barebones backpack cooler is a perfect solution for hikers that want to hit the trails with a picnic lunch packed for the summit. The removable antimicrobial liner is built with two handles so it can be lifted out and packed or unpacked with ease, while the protective base and structured exterior maintains its shape and protects whatever is packed inside. The spacious interior of the Rambler backpack can fit up to 20 12-ounce aluminum cans, and if it’s packed with any glass bottles, the zipper-pull is also–conveniently–a bottle opener. Wherever your summit happens to be, your drinks will be chilled inside the Backpack Cooler even when it’s hot outside.

Because it’s constructed with durable, water-resistant, and FDA-approved materials, the Barebones Backpack Cooler is the also best cooler backpack for bike commuters that want to swing by the grocery store on their way home for the night. The liner can be removed from the backpack and be used as a grocery bag that both insulates your purchases and cuts down on the use of plastic or paper bags. Zipping the liner into the Backpack Cooler protects the interior space from leaks or spills, and ensures your groceries will stay cool for your ride home. The soft, wide shoulder straps are adjustable to fit any frame, and can be shortened to reduce shifting if you’re cycling uphill, or if you’re walking down a steep mountainside.

Whether you’re planning on a high-energy activity under the sun or looking to settle down in a hammock in the shade, the Barebones Backpack Cooler is a perfect backpack and cooler in one. The cushioned straps distribute weight comfortably and the insulated interior keeps drinks and snacks chilled to the ideal temperature for up to 24 hours. Grab the Backpack Cooler whenever you need a portable cooler to go the distance with you and keep your items cool even when it’s hot.


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