The Beauty of Barebones Cast Iron

Is there anything better than cast iron cooking?
Whether serving as a reward for a day spent on the trails, or warming up a rainy day of simple reading, a savory cast iron meal enjoyed with friends and family is tough to top.

We’ve been cooking with cast iron for decades and have found these moments of rich outdoor cooking to be the epitome of connection—not just to each other, but to ourselves and to the outdoors. It’s an experience we seek out and plan for as often as possible, and therefore, took upon ourselves to perfect.

There are a few common complaints about cast iron cooking. You’ve likely heard outdoor chefs complain of cast iron’s weight, its tendency to crack over time, and the difficulty of cleaning each piece after use. You’ve likely also heard that it’s far from the most affordable cookware out there, and that cast iron manufacturing processes are damaging the environment.

And therein lies the magic of our new cast iron collection. In developing this line, we poured passion into removing each of these barriers in accessing and enjoying great cast iron cooking.



We Lightened the Load

If you’ve ever cooked with cast iron, then you know this to be true—traditional cast iron is quite heavy, and can be difficult to move around, whether empty or stacked with roasting meats and veggies.

By adding a greater portion of steel than other cast iron craftsmen, we accomplished three things:

  1. We strengthened our cast iron’s durability and resistance to temperature change, making it less likely to suffer from the cracks that can occur in traditional cast iron over time.

  2. We made it easier to clean. We included a stainless steel cleaning mesh in each cast iron kit, made to easily remove tough, stuck-on food without damaging its cooking surface, flavor profile, or longevity.

  3. We made it 15% lighter in weight than other cast iron.

In doing so, we created what we think is a near-perfect cast iron cooking experience: smooth and agile, yet more durable and resilient, and even better equipped to handle stove-top, oven, and open-fire cooking. We did this all without compromising the true value of cast iron—the flavor absorption that makes cast iron meals a testament to both the present moment, as well as the beautiful past.



We Kept it Accessible

Cast iron cookware is an investment. It’s a gift grandparents, mothers, and fathers have handed down to the next generation of their families for years.

Barebones cast iron is no different. The quality of our cookware matches that of the most expensive and well-known cast iron artisans, yet is a fraction of the price. Each piece was designed, developed, and produced to be of heirloom quality, used passionately and regularly for more than a lifetime.

During and after product development, we personally tested our cast iron against the top brands in the industry. We pulled cobblers, stews, breads, and meats from each piece, and the final product never failed to impress. Our alchemy, our meticulous design, and our passion for this beautiful cookware has resulted in the creation of a collection you, your children, and your grandchildren will be able to enjoy for years to come.



We Prioritized the Environment

We wholeheartedly believe in the creation of beautiful and lasting products, but not ever at the cost of the environment. Everything we produce and manufacture is a manifestation of our commitment to our Certified B Corporation status and our commitment to improving the health of the human race.

Our cast iron cookware is no exception. We use a recycling-driven manufacturing process, ensuring that no unnecessary waste is created. We use electrical furnaces, rather than traditional coal furnaces that pollute the environment. And by re-circulating the material dust that’s ground from our cast iron in the smoothing process, we also greatly improved the quality of air our artisans breathe.

Rather than employing commonly-used harmful resins to cover cast iron imperfections, we simply took more time to improve the cooking surface during the manufacturing process. This means your cast iron is not only built to last, but that you don’t have to scrub it clean to remove these toxic resins before use. Instead, we treat our cast iron with natural, in-season, organic oils that are free of harmful chemicals, making your cast iron ready for use the moment it arrives at your door.



Cast Iron dutch oven Skillet

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