Cast Iron Scrub

Caron & Doucet

Cast Iron Scrub

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Formulated to remove rust and food residues and to fortify and protect natural cast iron seasoning. Unlike metal scrubbers, this cast iron scrub will not scratch the surface of your cast iron resulting in the increased longevity of your cookware.

• Restores and reseasons cast iron
• Fortified with coconut oil
• Enhanced with essential oils

Course Dead Sea salt
Refined coconut oil
Proprietary blend of pure essential oils

11 oz.


How to Use:
For cast iron that has rust damage, use the Cast Iron Scrub to remove any rust spots. Wash your cast iron cookware with Cast Iron Soap to remove any left-over food residues. Dry the cast iron completely before applying oil. Pour two tablespoons of Cast Iron Oil onto the cookware and use a microfiber cloth to work the oil into the cast iron. Let sit and dry.

Caron & Doucet is a family-owned and operated business with headquarters in the Laurentian town of Morin-Heights, Quebec. For over a decade, the Caron family has selectively chosen and skillfully combined superior, 100% natural ingredients known for their time-tested benefits. The result of their work is unique, high-quality, plant-based products that people can be proud to own, share, and use on a regular basis.

Customer Reviews

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Nancy S.

Cleaned all my cast iron cook ware and this product work very well n my older pots. I would recommend this product and the brush and oil too.

tyson k.

It works great I can't wait to try it with one of there cleaning mesh when they come back in stock.

Colleen T.

love this company