BBQ cleaning oil in clear bottle
BBQ cleaning oil in clear bottle on grill
BBQ cleaning oil in clear bottle
BBQ cleaning oil in clear bottle on grill
BBQ cleaning oil in clear bottle
BBQ cleaning oil in clear bottle on grill
BBQ cleaning oil in clear bottle
BBQ cleaning oil in clear bottle on grill


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Formulated to remove food, and naturally clean and degrease BBQ grill grates and stainless steel. Ideal for cast iron grills, cooking grills, charcoal grills, smokers, camper grills, and barbeques. Great gift idea for chefs and cooks. One hundred percent natural and safe to use.

• Cleans and seasons BBQ grills
• Fortified with coconut oil
• Enhanced with essential oils

Items Included:
1 8 oz. bottle of BBQ Cleaning Oil

Refined coconut oil
Proprietary blend of pure essential oils

8 oz.


Apply after cooking while grill or smoker is still warm, ensuring all flames and coals have been extinguished. Remove large, loose food particles with an abrasive brush or wooden scraper. Spray on BBQ oil and rub with brush. Use an adequate amount of oil to remove all food residue, while leaving a thin protective coating to prevent moisture damage. Note: When cooking, it is normal for leftover oil to smoke off prior to the grill reaching max temperature.

Caron & Doucet is a family-owned and operated business with headquarters in the Laurentian town of Morin-Heights, Quebec. For over a decade, the Caron family has selectively chosen and skillfully combined superior, 100% natural ingredients known for their time-tested benefits. The result of their work is unique, high-quality, plant-based products that people can be proud to own, share, and use on a regular basis.

Customer Reviews

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Shhhh....surprise birthday gifts!

I purchased this item for my son’s 39th birthday. He is a grilling fanatic. He hasn’t opened his Barebones gift box yet. However, since he grills almost every night....I am positive he will love the grill oil, and seasonings. Mostly I am excited for him to open the Railroad Lantern package. He can hang that next to his grill when grilling in the dark!

The Grill Rx

Perfection! This oil does the trick for improving the grill surface. It works so well that it makes you want to grill even more!


ordered one of these and tested works wonderfully on my best when metal is warm...cut through the baked grit. I ordered 2 more bottles.

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