All-in-One Cast Iron Grill
All-in-One Cast Iron Grill
All-in-One Cast Iron Grill
All-in-One Cast Iron Grill
All-in-One Cast Iron Grill
All-in-One Cast Iron Grill
All-in-One Cast Iron Grill
All-in-One Cast Iron Grill
All-in-One Cast Iron Grill
All-in-One Cast Iron Grill


All-in-One Cast Iron Grill

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Grill. Wok. Smoker. Skillet. Braiser. Roaster. Deep fryer. Slow cooker. Stock pot.

The All-in-One Cast Iron Grill is an outdoor cook’s dream. A cast iron base and domed lid, grill grate, baking steel, tripod stand, and coal tray combine in countless configurations to expand your outdoor dining options, and pack down into a single self-contained bundle to minimize what you carry.

7 Ways to Use The All-In-One Cast Iron Grill


• Solid, durable cast iron construction
• Cast iron body is both cooking surface and grill base
• Compatible with open fire and coals
• Works with direct and indirect heat
• Grate included for grilling and steaming
• Baking steel replaces griddle and skillet
• Adjustable charcoal tray with wind guard
• Use with or without tripod stand
• Tripod stand works with grill grate
• Accessories fit inside for easy storage
• Easy-carry side handles
• Simple care and cleaning
• Pre-seasoned with sunflower oil


Items Included:
Wok base
Domed lid
Grill grate
Baking steel/griddle
Tray lifter
Tripod stand
Adjustable coal tray
Wind guard

Bowl is 15" x 15" x 5"
Kit 18" x 15" x 19"
26 lbs

4 quarts with room to boil



Limited Lifetime Warranty


Q: Where is your cast iron made?
A: Our cast iron is designed in Salt Lake City, Utah, and manufactured by trusted facilities in China.

Q: Why are your products manufactured outside of the U.S.?
A: At the core of Barebones' DNA is a commitment to help individuals and communities at the most human level - without hesitation and without borders. We espouse the same mindset when selecting the partners with whom we work. We choose to collaborate with organizations and craftsmen around the globe based on common goals and shared values, with the intention of supporting people both within our borders and worldwide.

Barebones is a Certified B Corporation, a designation we take seriously. As such, we ensure that our commitment to safe, ethical, and sustainable practices is upheld by each company and artisan that touches our products, without exception. We inspect each facility and company regularly and work only with those organizations that are as committed as we are to the highest of environmental and human standards. You can be confident that no matter where in the world your Barebones product was crafted, you are personally contributing to conscientious trade.

Customer Reviews

Based on 73 reviews
Lottie L.
Love it!!!!

I was in direct path of Hurricane Ida. We are fine. No electricity so I cooked pork Steaks. Stewed them down in my wok and oh wow we loved it. My only regret is I did not get the bigger set up!!!!! I would love to be able to cook for victims who flooded or even our linemen. Let me know when cowboy set goes on sale!!!!!

Frederick R.
Cast iron grill - good concept, but needs refinement

Made well and sturdy, although the legs are a little shaky. Nifty how it all fits together for packing. But - Need air vents built into both the top and bottom - charcoal won’t stay hot enough without air flow. I haven’t tried putting the charcoal under the grill (for a stew, etc), but it doesn’t look easy - dumping hot embers out of my chimney onto the flat surface without spilling will be difficult. Keeping the charcoal from blowing around on the flat surface with only the flimsy wind screens will be a challenge.

Carol A.F.

I bought this for traveling in our Airstream. I haven’t used it yet, however I am very impressed with the quality & versatility! I can’t wait to use it and I am sure that this is going to be on of the best purchases I have made!

The lid has a crack

Glad you asked - the lid has a crack where the handle is. We just got back from vacation and have not had a chance to contact your company about this. We will be in touch. Also, not a fan of China cast iron either. Hopefully the lid can be replaced and then we can cook. Other products from your store have been exceptional!

gerald k.
Looks good

Going to try it out next week when camping