Oakmoss & Amber
Oakmoss & Amber
Oakmoss & Amber
Oakmoss & Amber

Hand Poured Cement Candle

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Title Oakmoss & Amber

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Beautiful, minimalist cement candle with a white or gold-dipped bottom. Hand cast and filled with 100% soy wax with zero additives. Natural candle holds 12 ounces of wax for approximately 50 hours of burn time.

Oakmoss & Amber: rich woody and musk base notes offer universal appeal. An additional enchanting fusion of herbs and amber gives a feminine touch.

Citrus Fir: mild citrus top notes, an earthy undercurrent, and a woody balsam core. It is perfect for the holiday season or a cold winter evening snuggling by the fire.

• Hand-poured cement candle
• 50 hours of burn time
• 12 ounces of 100% soy wax
• Zero additives
• Three scents available
• Essential oil-based scents
• Made in the USA

Items Included:
1 Cement Candle

100% soy wax
Essential oils

5.5" x 5.5" x 2.8"
12 ounces
3.5 lbs

Oakmoss & Amber - 3RD-3048
Cabin Green - 3RD-3050

Keep candle away from drafty areas. Do not leave lit and unattended.

MacBailey Candle Co. was started by a husband and wife team, Rich and Clara Bailey. What started out as a hobby and a playful class at a local candle studio turned into a passion to design and create unique candles. Each vessel is thoughtfully designed for reuse after the candle burns. A MacBailey candle is hand-poured and filled with 100% soy wax sourced in the USA and infused with natural essential oils.

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