Rechargeable Tape Light
Rechargeable Tape Light
Rechargeable Tape Light
Rechargeable Tape Light
Rechargeable Tape Light
Rechargeable Tape Light
Rechargeable Tape Light
Rechargeable Tape Light
Rechargeable Tape Light
Rechargeable Tape Light
Rechargeable Tape Light
Rechargeable Tape Light
Rechargeable Tape Light
Rechargeable Tape Light
Rechargeable Tape Light
Rechargeable Tape Light

Rechargeable Tape Light

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Color Red

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Super unique, water-resistant extendable/retractable LED tape light for use anywhere, anytime. Wrap it around the inside of your tent, lay it across a table, or slip it into a good book. Opened slightly on Low, it creates a lovely soft, warm glow, or you can extend it to the full 18” on High for maximum brightness. Strip light features 30 individual LED lights featuring long-lasting rechargeable technology with up to 36 hours of use. Choose your string light body color to match your personality or other NoBox products. Tape light charges in under two hours with included USB connector.

• Extendable/retractable 18" strip with 30 individual LED lights
• High and low light output
• Lumens: 4 low, 50 high
• Color temperature: warm (3000 Kelvin)
• Battery: lithium polymer 3.7v 800mAh
• Battery life: 3.5-36 hours
• Run time: 3.5 hours on high, up to 36 hours on low
• Fully rechargeable in 2 hours
• 2-Year Limited Warranty

Items Included:
1 Tape Light with Paracord
1 USB charging cable

LED bulbs

3" x 3" x 0.5"
1.8 oz

Red: 02-0001
Blue: 02-0003
White: 02-0004
Black: 02-0005
Green: 02-0006
Yellow: 02-0007

Country of Origin:
This product is proudly made in China. As a Certified B Corporation, we ensure that our commitment to safe, ethical, and sustainable practices is upheld by each company and artisan that touches our products worldwide, without exception.

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Q: What is Power Saving Mode, and how do I turn it on and off?
A: Power Saving Mode prevents the Tape Light from staying ON during shipping, travel, and storage. When activated, the Tape Light will automatically shut off after 10 seconds.

To place the Tape Light in Normal Mode, either plug the USB connector into a power source or press and hold the ON/OFF button for 10 seconds. To return the Tape Light to Power Saving Mode, simply press and hold the ON/OFF button for 5 seconds.

NOTE: If the Tape Light shuts off automatically when in use, it is either in Power Saving Mode or needs to be charged.

Q: How do I charge the Tape Light?
A: Insert the USB connector into a power source. While charging, the Tape Light will glow red near the USB input and will turn green when fully charged. Typically, it will fully charge in 2-2.5 hours from most standard USB power sources.

1-Year Limited Warranty

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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Cool tape light

You do have to be careful to unroll and roll the lights but it’s fun and works as expected. Nice amount of light

Chris C.
Cute but limited use

Agree with the prior review that the retraction mechanism is clunky. Even though it does measure the length in the description not sure it provides enough light to be of use.

Julie T.
Tape light

Bought several as gifts.
Also, took one on a recent trip and pulled out, put on floor to guide to the bathroom at night. Worked great!!
Well received by friends, they pulled out and were easy to retract like a measuring tape. They were a little pricey but noticed have since gone on sale!
I believe worth the price for a fun gift

paul c.

I bought two. I couldn't get either of them to unroll. Ended up breaking both. Save yourself the trouble and just get a Luminoodle.

barb f.
great tape light

great for stocking stuffers

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