5 Ways To Set The Mood In Your Backyard Or Patio

5 Ways To Set The Mood In Your Backyard Or Patio

Large or small, your backyard or outdoor area is often considered an extension of your home - and like your home, adding ambient lighting can provide a warm and welcoming touch that makes each BBQ or wine night a little more special. No matter your style or the size of your space, there’s an outdoor lighting option that’s perfect for you. We’ve assembled a few of our favorite easy outdoor lighting options that truly set the mood and create a haven where you’ll want to spend time.

Hang mini lanterns in trees or bushes

Whether you’re planning a backyard cocktail hour or considering some mellow campsite lighting, you can’t go wrong with delicate and twinkling Mini Lanterns. Hang several in nearby trees or shrubs for an overall fanciful look, or outline your seating area by adding lanterns to the surrounding trees to illuminate the space. If whimsical isn’t so much your style, consider stringing outdoor string lights between trees for a modern and updated feel.

If you aren’t near an electrical socket, you can find battery-operated or solar-powered string lights or use a portable charger. These options allow you to move them to wherever suits your fancy.

Install an outdoor pendant light over your covered patio

If you’re the lucky owner of a covered patio or seating area, consider upgrading your space with a stylish pendant light wired over the table or lounge area. If the electrical is hard-wired for it, change the lighting fixture to match your desired aesthetic. If your back patio isn’t rigged for a chandelier, here’s the good news: many outdoor pendant lights are now plug-in, meaning all you have to do for set-up is install a hook as needed and plug into an outdoor outlet.

Utilize outdoor lanterns on dinner & side tables

Doubling as both stylish decor and a valuable lighting source, outdoor lanterns come in all sizes, perfect for the back deck or lighting up a romantic dining area. Outdoor lanterns are typically weather-resistant and durable. They are also available in LED and rechargeable options with a hanging feature. And no matter the aesthetic you’re hoping to achieve with your backyard, you’ll find the lantern that fits: Barebones designs range from vintage seeded glass to durable metal and rubber, adding the perfect finishing touch to your outdoor area.

Many camping-specific lanterns are also stylish and versatile, ranging from smaller, beacon-style lanterns to rounded, waterproof hanging lanterns that looks good anywhere - from your campsite to your backyard pool party.

Upgrade Small Corners And Urban Patios With String Lights

While string lights are typically hung above a seating area or your back patio, a small urban patio can benefit from a little creativity. String lights wrapped around an apartment balcony railing instantly add a cozy and appealing feel - or run string lights around the top of your backyard fence to add a warmer ambiance.

Plus, your fire pit is a uniquely suited area for a little extra touch. If your fire pit is covered by a canopy or pergola, you already have the perfect location for string lights. Vertical hanging works, too: Drape icicle lights around a potted plant or down the side of a shed or structure for a waterfall-style accent.

Experiment with outdoor lanterns

Experiment with Outdoor Torches

If you enjoy a playful backyard-island vibe use traditional bamboo tiki torches and outline your pool, water feature, or bonfire area for an atmosphere that feels like a tropical vacation.

If you live in a non-tropical area or your aesthetic tends a little more minimalistic, not to fear: much like outdoor lanterns, outdoor torches come in many styles and materials, like sleek stainless steel or matte black. Or, add a little color and select an outdoor torch with an artistic, blown-glass dome.

Additionally, torches are no longer exclusively oil-burning. Though that variety is still popular, you can opt for solar-powered, which works incredibly well in a sunny climates and is more energy-efficient.


Are you looking for outdoor lighting products that work equally well at a garden party or your campsite? Explore our variety of stylish and durable lanterns and hanging lights, perfect for setting the mood or adding a personal and welcoming touch to any outdoor experience.


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