Barebones 2022 Year-End Impact Report

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The 2022 annual Global Impact Report is an ongoing effort to record and publicly showcase our cause-based initiatives over the year. This report aims to measure the differences we made to people, places, and missions we care deeply about. As our company grows, our give-back initiatives aim to grow with it. We look forward to sharing our successes for years to come.


Beyond B Corp

Barebones is a certified B Corporation. We meet the highest verified standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability. We focus on long-term solutions that create a positive impact on our employees, our community, and the world. Barebones has held its B corp standing for over five years. This year we renewed our certificate with an audit score of 96.4. Barebones B Corp information

Our philosophy on sustainability is ever-evolving. In 2022, we committed to reducing the amount of single-use plastics in our packaging by replacing them with more eco-friendly alternatives. Biodegradable bags are now used wherever possible. In addition, we continue to design with longevity in mind, utilizing sturdy materials such as metal and wood and providing replacement parts to help extend the life of our goods.


Barebones Volunteer Day with Roots

Roots Charter School

Roots Charter High School is a farm-based school in Salt Lake City that helps struggling youth remain in school and graduate. Students learn their curriculum through hands-on gardening and farming. This academic approach of land-stewardship-learning helps students, who might otherwise leave traditional education, develop the knowledge, skills, and ability to live healthy, productive, and sustainable lives.

Over the last seven years, Barebones has jumped in wholeheartedly to support Roots service projects, provide mentorship opportunities, and supply financial donations, garden tools, and more. This year our employees volunteered at the Roots Thanksgiving day lunch in partnership with Blended Table and provided Christmas gifts for all the Roots teachers and staff. Barebones also hosted a Floral Workshop presented at our founder's ranch with educated staff and students. Participants learned how to monetize a cut floral garden, leading to paid opportunities for the Roots farm.

In 2022, Employees donated directly from their paycheck, and Barebones, in partnership with Tifie, donated $65,000 to Root's school program fund.

“Roots wouldn’t be Roots without Barebones and Tifie. From our annual Thanksgiving lunch to their support and influence over our gardens and cut flowers, they are integral to our culture. Barebones and their employees are an essential part of our Roots Family.” - Tyler Bastian, Founder & Principal


Unsheltered Friends

We believe in empowering communities to thrive, both locally and internationally. Barebones has a history steeped in philanthropic work and continues to help lift people out of poverty by making donations when resources are available.

Our office has a donation trunk that we fill with clothes, blankets, and goods that are distributed to the unsheltered community throughout the year. In 2022, we also donated hundreds of Christmas socks to Food Justice Coalition. Our CEO & Founder Robert Workman independently donated $13,000 in addition to Barebones' efforts.


Barebones Emergency Shelter

Emergency Shelter Donations

The first product ever created by the Barebones design team was the state-of-the-art emergency shelter. This tent continues to be one of the primary assets we provide to communities in need. Emergency shelters create immediate housing for those in disaster-hit areas. They also create temporary medical stations and community health stations for doctors and nurses.

In 2022, in partnership with Tifie, Barebones donated an emergency shelter to the Caribbean for a volunteer whose house was destroyed in a tropical storm. This shelter will serve as a home until he can rebuild his own and allow him to continue his work supporting the local community.


Pakistan Enterprise

As Barebones continues to evolve and grow, we have expanded our supply chain with a focus on creating sustainable jobs that provide living wages. This year marks year two of producing soft goods in Pakistan. Creating products within this culturally rich and mountainous region helps support growth in local communities. Through this enterprise, craftsmen and craftswomen earn living wages that help raise their economic standing and provide more for their families. Producing goods in Pakistan also limits fuel waste as materials such as metal, leather, and canvas are sourced and created locally. Read more about our relationship with Pakistan.

In 2022, the production of Pakistan-made goods increased. We sold over 24,000 pairs of Classic Work Gloves and launched a new collection of durable waxed canvas bags: The Neelum Collection. In 2023, we have several new products planned for production.


Safer Outdoor Spaces

In 2021, we started a program to donate $20 from each Limited Edition Hori Hori tool sold to non-profits actively working to make outdoor spaces in America more accessible and safe for BIPOC. We successfully sold through this collection this year.

In 2022 we donated $13,180, bringing our total donation to $67,200 shared between two amazing non-profits: Outdoor Afro and Soul Fire Farm.


Employee Volunteer Efforts

Giving back is a key element of our company culture and is at the heart of what we do. Employees are given an additional paid work week each year to volunteer for a non-profit or cause of their choosing.

In 2022, we launched a new initiative to send employees, with our CEO & Founder Robert Workman, to ongoing humanitarian efforts locally and abroad. This program allows team members to further connect to our company roots as a philanthropic enterprise. In December, three employees spent a week volunteering in the Congo, and overall, employees donated over 1,250 hours to charities of their choice this year.

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