30" Cowboy Fire Pit Grill

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No Limit To What This Grill System Can Do

When you’re ready to update your grilling system, the Barebones solid steel 30" Cowboy Fire Grill System is the absolute go-to. Designed with direct input from Barebones' chef partners, this modular design allows for multi-use as a fire pit, open-fire BBQ, and cooking station. The adjustable grill grate provides options for the source and distance of heat, creating perfect cooking conditions every time, and the included overhead tool storage and hanger bar are an organizer's dream. Get ready to change your grill game forever.

Inspired By Cowboy Living

The Cowboy Fire Pit Grill is inspired by open fire cooking and mobile Chuck Wagons used in the American West after the Civil War. Before automobiles and animal trailers, cowboys moved by horse, often spending long, arduous days breaking trail with a herd of cattle by their sides. These cowboys needed to eat, and the Chuck Wagon became their daily diner on the road.

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A Truly Unique Modular System

We combined all basic cowboy cooking into one grill that can be a simple fire pit or a complex BBQ with side tables, S-hooks and chains, hanging bars, & tool storage. This unique cooking system allows you to build your dream grill and customize your cooking experience.

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High-Quality Steel Construction

Lighter in weight than cast iron and more durable than copper, our Cowboy Fire Pit is constructed from heavy-duty steel -- stable enough for heavy backyard use and versatile enough to throw in the car and bring to your favorite outdoor spot. Our steel is coated with FDA-approved high-temperature paint to improve the look and feel of the fire pit.

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Best Open Fire Grill

I bought the Cowboy Grill for my husband for his birthday. We used it twice now and we love it. It’s the perfect height and size. We have easily taken the legs off to create a fire pit and easily put them back on to raise back to grill height. The movable split grill grates allow easy access to the fire. I feel we enjoy the act of cooking more. It also gets us outside in colder weather feeling cozy and warm as we huddle around it cooking. Perfect for a family meal event. Perfect just for two people!

The horizontal bar is great for hanging utensils for easy access and we look forward to using it for Thanksgiving this year to both grill and hang meats and vegetables. Best purchase of the year if you love cooking. Actually, if you have become weary of grilling, you may just fall back in love if you own this grill.

- Andre B.

The Best Way To Cook!

I’ve been cooking with fire for years and this setup is now my favorite. Very solid but not too heavy. I also love the versatility and accessories. I can slow cook vegetables and at the same time seer my steak. Plus, I feel like a real cowboy!

- Sam T.

The Best

I researched the hell out of outdoor firepits/BBQ and after a few weeks of research pulled the trigger on this one. Hands down the best choice I could have made. Its phenomenal, looks great, and works like a charm for outdoor cooking.

- Connor B.

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