6 Ways To Style A Tent Light

Camping provides an opportunity to get away from the hustle of modern life and enjoy the Great Outdoors - but as any camper knows, nighttime feels a little different when you’re tenting in the middle of the wilderness. Tent lighting provides an important function, illuminating your space and allowing you to enjoy your time outdoors, as well as adding to the aesthetic of your environment. While tent lighting options are almost unlimited, we’ve assembled a few of our favorites that serve a variety of purposes.

Railroad Lantern

The Railroad Lantern

Styled after a vintage Union Pacific lantern, the gorgeous seeded glass and copper accents of the Railroad Lantern make an impact on every surface it illuminates. Its light projects outwards like a halo, making it the ideal lantern to use while you cook, read, or set up your campsite. It’s an automatic winner whenever you need bright, resonant lighting for your tent that brightens up all its surroundings. The adjustable brightness of the Railroad Lantern makes it a wonderful tent light for the whole family - or simply to keep the shadows at bay. It utilizes battery or USB-C and lasts 3.5 hours on high - or a whopping 100+ hours on low. Available in 5 colors.

Edison Light Stick

Edison Light Stick

Unique, aesthetically pleasing, and versatile, the Edison Light Stick is both a collector’s item and an eminently useful lighting source for your tent, campsite or nighttime adventure. It’s small and portable, clipping easily onto your belt or the pole of your tent. It produces warm ambient light as a lantern while also converting handily into a bright flashlight at the push of the button. Save yourself valuable space and utilize the brilliant 2-in-1 capabilities of the Edison Light Stick to light up your tent, campsite or illuminate the way to your next adventure.

Globe Light

The Multi-Colored Globe Light

This unique camping tent light is ideal when you’re looking for something versatile, waterproof, and that hangs easily without needing any extra gear. Its collapsible legs can be used as a handle to carry or hang inside your tent, and it can rotate downward to stand when you need a little overhead light. Plus, the Multi-Colored Globe Light has 9 different colors -- all of which are dimmable.

Its multi-colored light options also make it a wonderful tent night light if you’re traveling with kids, and its minimalist, modern design allows it to accent any space. It’s excellent resting on a camping table, illuminating the swimming pool, or creating a cozy and colorful ambiance inside your tent.

Edison String Lights

Edison String Lights

When considering tent lighting, you may not have string lights at the top of your list - but besides adding ambiance and cozy style, these Edison String Lights provide excellent overhead light inside your tent. This set of three pendant lights is connected on one string, allowing you to avoid a mess of tangled lights and plug into anything that takes USB - an easy and flexible option while you’re tenting. Available in 4 colors.

Beacon Lantern

Beacon Hanging Light

It doesn’t get easier: the Beacon Light is intentionally designed to provide excellent overhead lighting for your tent. Attach a carabiner to the top and hang wherever you need a little extra light: the Beacon Light aims downward, making meal prep or a cozy night of reading as simple as the press of a button. Choose whichever color way fits your tent’s design the best, or invest in several to add a pop of color along with the illumination you need to move forward. Available in 8 colors.

Outpost Lantern

The Outpost Lantern

Small and stylish, the Outpost Lantern takes up minimal room and brings vintage style to your travels. This lantern adds a soft, warm ambient glow to your tent and works as a reading or dining light without taking up valuable surface space. The Outpost Lantern is powered with a vintage-styled LED filament, and it is rust- and water-resistant, making it ideal for outdoor adventures – and you can choose whatever power source works best for you, as it accepts USB, rechargeable batteries and single-use batteries. Available in 2 colors.

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