Explore the Great Outdoors in a Luxury Cabin Tent

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Camping in the great outdoors doesn’t have to be an exercise in “roughing it.” Tents have come a long way since the primal animal-skins-and-stick shelters that humans once constructed for safety from the elements. Today’s tents offer would-be campers the simple pleasures that were previously found only in homes - floors and windows, even room for heaters or stoves. By investing in a cabin tent, campers are able to create an outdoors experience that more resembles a luxurious stay in a prestigious lodge than the humble dwellings constructed of animal skins.

Cabin tents and lodge tents provide a comfortable respite from the elements for campers at all levels of experience. Amatuer campers and experienced outdoorsmen alike can appreciate stepping into the Barebones Lodge Tent after an arduous day on the mountain or a long day of lounging in the shade. Equipped with the Barebones Cam-O-Bunk bunk beds and the Barebones Outfitter Sleeping Pad, the Lodge Tent welcomes weary campers to tuck in for the night while also affording room for mountain bikes, climbing gear, extra rucksacks, and more.

Stretching up to 15 feet long, the Barebones Lodge Tent can house up to 12 courageous rock climbers, motivated hikers, or hopeful hunters. Rising nine feet high at the pitch of the roof, the Lodge Tent as well as the Outfitter Tent from Barebones both offer standing room for even the tallest adventurer, and the bathtub-style floors offer protection against bugs and groundwater. The Barebones Outfitter Tent is more compact than the Lodge Tent, with room for up to eight campers. Both of the Barebones wall tents have multiple mosquito-net screened windows so campers can create a cross-breeze and moderate the temperature inside. Another feature shared by both Barebones’ tents is the integrated stove port in the roof, which can handle the heat of a wood-burning stove to help stave off the cooler temps of higher elevations and chilly desert nights.


Finding great camping accommodations isn’t limited to capacity or climate, although both are very important, the overall atmosphere of a cabin tent will also contribute to the experience. The Barebones Forest Lantern and the Barebones Beacon can both be added to the roof of a cabin tent to add a warm ambiance cascading from above. Campers who enjoy being outdoors without enjoying outdoor activities will appreciate accents like the Rustico’s Writers Log offered by Barebones. The leatherbound journal provides optimal space for logging thoughts inspired by nature, as well as treasured memories created by camping in a luxurious lodge tent. If guests are more interested in reading than writing, there is no better read than James Fenimore Cooper’s novel, The Last of the Mohicans. The classic tale of an American settlement will provide even the most introverted camper with a riveting outdoor adventure.

A fully outfitted luxury cabin tent can go from rugged to glamping with one simple twist: the camping gear. Outfitting the Barebones 0° Sleeping Bag with a decorative throw and pillows changes the scene from camouflage and Copper Cow Pour Over Coffee to cardigans and copper flasks from W&P Design. Letting the natural scenery set the stage for the atmosphere of the cabin tent is a simple method for selecting the array of camping gear. Choosing a color palette that complements the landscape helps to seamlessly connect the interior of the spacious tent to the vastness of the geography outside; whereas adding a filled Frost River log sling with the help of a Barebones Pulaski axe will bring the landscape into the tent. Each Barebones tent has front and back doors that make it easy to move in and organize camp gear and tent decor.

With custom weatherproof fabric, the Barebones Lodge Tent is able to withstand wind speeds up to 90 mph or up to 1,000 pounds of snow on the roof. Balancing immense strength with a versatile interior decor is a simple feat for the luxury cabin tent that can be set-up and taken down as needed, or left standing for months on end as a basecamp for return trips and extended camping. Exploring the great outdoors can feel as familiar as exploring a local park when a cozy lodge tent is homebase.

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