The Woodsman Collection: Tools for Exploring the Wild

The urge to explore is inherent in all of us. This primal instinct led our earliest ancestors to new lands and still drives us to the wilderness in search of discoveries about ourselves and the world around us. While our predecessors made do with crude implements made of rocks and sticks, at Barebones, we understand that well-designed tools enhance the exploration experience. With that in mind, we designed the Woodsman Collection, a complete set of essential tools for any naturalist, outdoorsman, forager, or cultivator.



Many people buy their outdoor essentials from different sources–a knife from a knifemaker, a hatchet from a hatchet maker, and so forth. Typically, this will result in a miscellany of well-crafted pieces that don’t always work well together. When you do find complementary tools from the same manufacturer, they will likely be sport-inspired, lacking a refined aesthetic. We believe that you don’t have to sacrifice form for function. Merging performance and thoughtful design, we crafted handsome heritage-quality tools that serve in concert to ease the work of the outdoors while individually earning their places in the collection.



The Woodsman Collection begins with the Shovel, a modern take on the tool that helped build America. Lightweight and collapsible, you can use it to set up camp in the very national parks and campgrounds shaped by the military entrenching tool that inspired it or to beautify your domain. A 3-way locking collar and manganese steel blade make it adaptable enough for any terrain.


Hori Hori with Sheath

The Hori Hori and Sheath is part trowel, part cutting edge. It’s perfect for small tasks around a campsite like cutting twine, loosening earth, pummelling stakes, and opening bottles as you tell stories around the fire. At home, use it to weed the garden, divide perennials, and stake tomatoes. A timeless waxed canvas sheath with belt clip keeps it secured to your side for quick access. 


No. 6 Field Knife

A versatile knife is essential in the outdoors. Enter the No. 6 Field Knife. We took a traditional utility knife and made deliberate improvements–a thumb depress on the base of the blade, a copper lanyard ring, a walnut handle encasing a full tang–and elevated it with heritage-quality materials. Whether you’re foraging for dinner or preparing it, our Field Knife is the blade you’ll turn to again and again.


Japanese Nata Tool


The 12-inch blade of the Japanese Nata Tool is ideal for making kindling and planking wood. Because we care about sustainability, we added a full tang and easily-sharpened stainless steel blade, giving our Japanese Nata Tool a longer life than similar-looking implements on the market. You can clear brush with a clear conscience, knowing you invested in a tool you’ll keep for years to come.




The Hatchet is the perfect tool when an axe is too cumbersome and a knife is insufficient. Small enough to carry on your side yet powerful enough to fell a tree, it’s an ideal companion for a true outdoorsman exploring the wild. As you prepare firewood for your evening gathering, the weight and balance of the Woodsman Collection Hatchet maximize your swing and the hickory handle minimizes vibration, giving you a more controlled and comfortable experience.


Pulaski Axe

The Woodsman Collection is completed with a tool rich in history: The Pulaski Axe. Inspired by iconic park ranger and firefighter Ed Pulaski’s dual-purpose design, a high-carbon steel blade for chopping is counterbalanced by a curved mattock blade for digging roots. A stately oxide finish and dark hardwood handle modernize its aesthetic, while reinforcements like a solid steel core and tightening bolt protect its structure. With vintage inspiration, contemporary construction, and heritage materials, the Barebones Pulaski Axe gives the nod to the past, elevates the present moment, and inspires the future.

Our founder envisioned the Woodsman Collection as a set of foundational tools for anyone seeking to embark on a life outdoors. Whether you invest in the full collection or select a few pieces to start, you’ll find the Woodsman tools are essential to a seamless outdoor experience. Nature is waiting to transform you. Explore the wild.

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