Recipe Round-up: Cocktail Recipes & Easy Mocktails

If you’re like us, most of your favorite memories revolve around rituals - the ritual of a cozy drink on a rainy, chilly evening; the ritual of beers shared around a summer bonfire; the ritual of a cold, bright summer beverage poured out of a glass pitcher during an afternoon of yard games.

Whether you prefer your beverages adult or non-alcoholic, a drink in hand can go a long way toward solidifying a moment into a memory. We’ve rounded up each alcoholic & spirit-free cocktail recipe that we’ve ever featured on our blog (so far!) for the ultimate beverage round-up.


Ah, summer… in terms of weather, recreation, and seasonal flavors, it doesn’t get much better. If you’re spending ample time around a bonfire or grill like we are, consider adding a few extra ingredients to your bag and making this refreshing Charred Grapefruit and Aperol Margarita. Or, if you prefer your summer drinks a little spicy, try the Charred Pineapple and Jalapeno Margarita for a slightly more vacation-y feel.

If you’re a fan of a smokier flavor but prefer your beverages a little less sweet, the Summer Mezcal Sour combines the complex herbal flavors of Oread liqueur with the natural smokiness of mezcal to create a unique drink you’ll enjoy sipping.

Floral, citrus notes abound in the Lavender Lift Whiskey Cocktail, and a touch of orange blossom liqueur features in the Pomegranate Jack Rose Cocktail, complemented by juicy fruit flavors and apple brandy – all serving to create a cocktail with a dessert counterpart (the Jack Rose Cobbler, found here).

For four delightful, unique cocktails, check out our list from influencer and author Brianna Madia’s Signature Cocktails, each inspired by her four beloved dogs: you’ll find drinks ranging from fruity to mellow to spicy, sure to satisfy all palates, seasons, and moods. Summer often hosts celebrations of all kinds: weddings, bridal showers, and garden parties are all the perfect backdrop for a DIY Bubble Bar, stocked with champagne and soda water (for non-drinkers and kiddos). Plus, offer a wide variety of add-ins like herbs, berries, and juices so guests can make a drink that perfectly fits their preferences - and try something different each time they return to the bar.

Finally, if you’re typically a beer drinker, we suggest a little upgrade: the Blonde Beergarita, a cross between a blonde ale and a spicy margarita. It’s excellent for sipping poolside, batching out for a beach day, or enhancing a taco night with friends - and it’s easy to make in advance using mason jars or by bringing the four ingredients along on your adventures.


Chilly fall and winter weather can sometimes require a little extra comfort. For an excellent starting point, consider this blog with four Hot Winter-Inspired Cocktails, ranging in flavors from Swedish mulled wine to a Smoked Tea Old Fashioned.

If those tea cocktails sound intriguing, here’s a few more to try: these two Tea Cocktails allow you to adjust the amount of spirits to best suit your preferences, all while providing a unique flavor that’ll warm you from the top down.

If your favorite seasonal smell is crisp, botanical evergreens, the Whiskey & Pine Cocktail may quickly become your signature drink. Conversely, the Merit Badge Old Fashioned contains a different woodsy flavor, with touches of apple, maple and walnut to provide a little more warmth.

The Homeward Bound Rum Cocktail is exactly as it sounds: a homey, cozy, warm flavor created by coffee liqueur, creamy almond-flavored orgeat, and late summer fruits. It’s sure to bring to mind memories of connection, adventure, and “welcome home” - perfect for the crisp days of fall.

This list of three Fall Cocktails includes a recipe for a fantastic spiced syrup. Incorporate it in cocktails using rum, tequila and gin to create a wide variety of flavors. Plus, we suspect you’ll double your next batch of spiced syrup and add a touch to lattes, steamers, or even your savory holiday entrees for a little extra complexity and seasonal spice.


Many cocktails we’ve shared above could be converted to easy mocktails by substituting non-alcoholic spirits like Seedlip or omitting alcoholic ingredients altogether. However, some days you want a beverage that focuses more on the connection with nature through tea and seasonal fruit than the alcohol itself.

The Chamomile Tea Cinnamon Latte is simple, warming, and fully embodies the idea of a winter ritual - plus, chamomile’s natural antibacterial properties aid in fighting off seasonal sniffles and give you an extra layer of natural support.

There’s no better way to connect with local plants than through foraging - and we’ve assembled a few recipes that guide you in collecting plants and enjoying their magic in these Foraged Tea Recipes. Each suggestion uses plants you’re likely to find in your own garden or around the campsite, allowing you to harvest at your own pace and enjoy the day in nature.

Mulled Fireside Cider needs no explanation. The multiple aromatics and spices, the rich stewed fruit, and the spunky addition of ginger beer makes this recipe absolutely excellent without alcohol - though there is room for the addition of wine. This specific recipe is tailored for open-fire cooking, though it’s easily adaptable on the stovetop - and it’s already sized to satisfy a crowd. No matter where you’re mulling, the aromas of fall can’t be beat.

Though it’s a tad different than the above beverages, remember the options available with a DIY Bubble Bar. (Draw your attention to the Winter Herbal Mocktail recipes listed at the bottom of that recipe guide!)


As the above Mulled Cider recipe suggests, some beverages are best enjoyed with the friends and family that make you feel at home. Each of our favorite batched cocktails is warm and cozy, and puts a spring in your step (ideal for when Spring itself seems so far away).

This Campfire Hot Toddy creates a twist on the classic, prepared with gin and Orgeat for a botanical, herbal hot cocktail that wakes you up and gives you a little extra vigor.

If you prefer your warmth in the flavors of cinnamon, cranberry, and whiskey, this Batched Cinnamon Whiskey Hot Cocktail is aromatic. It guides you through making your own cinnamon-infused whiskey: a simple step that eliminates the added sugar of a store-bought version and leaves you with the real thing.

Lastly, a little added complexity in the form of cognac makes this Spiced Hot Buck recipe a cozy winter favorite, with a little extra kick from fresh ginger and allspice – mellowed with honey for added sweetness.

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