A Different Kind of Connection

Guest post from Carley Rudd.

We’ve all heard the phrase: “we’re living in a world that is more connected than ever before.” That sure sounds great and all, but what is it that we’re more connected to? While I’d love to think it’s the world and each other, it seems we’re mostly connected to our screens and devices.

Don’t get me wrong, I think technology and the wealth of information available at our fingertips is bringing about a lot of very positive things in our society. But we did a little research, and turns out the average American spends 8+ hours a day looking at a screen. Yikes!


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We just took a road trip from LA to Maine. Normally, it’s a 2,300-mile trip. It took us 5,200 miles; I guess you could say we took our time. It seems that “time” is a luxury too few Americans have today. Our world is smarter and more efficient than ever before, but everyone is still always “busy.” During our trip, we tried to get outdoors as much as possible. From the giant red rocks of the Southwest to the snow-covered caps in Jackson to the misty Catskills Mountains in New York, the U.S. is home to so many epic nature spots. 

The most memorable parts of our trip across country happened when we were spending time in nature, exploring places off the beaten path, and chatting with strangers who would soon be friends. It was these moments that we had time to pause, reflect, and connect with our surroundings. It’s pretty easy to forget a beautiful place, but it’s damn near impossible to forget a feeling. 


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Connecting with nature doesn't require a lot. A simple hike, packing a lunch to eat in the park, or choosing to spend a few hours outdoors instead of binge-watching a TV show. There are some great companies that support this mission and help you get outside. Our friends at Barebones Living are one of them. Whether you enjoy gardening, cooking, camping, or exploring Barebones helps you explore what inspires you so you can develop a clear path forward to achieving an elevated, transformative outdoor experience, which we fully support. We brought along some of their high quality outdoor products during our adventures on the road and would highly recommend them!

It seems like the world today is full of surface-level connections. We’re spending less time creating deep connections to people, places, and things. We feel people are turning travel into a sport, checking off must-see spots and losing out on the truly transformative and deep connections it can provide. We encourage everyone to live in the here and now and connect more with nature and the people around you. These are the connections that make our hearts sing and our souls happy. 


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// Words by Jake Broselle + Photos by Carley Rudd


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