15 Best Gifts for Father’s Day

Father’s Day can often be a bit of an afterthought after the planning and busyness of Mother’s Day - not to mention the vacations, graduations, and parties that often characterize the month of June. However, it’s an excellent opportunity to take a step back and recognize the fathers and father figures in your life for the valuable work and support they give.

Dads are notoriously hard to shop for… but we’ve assembled 15 of our best Father’s Day Gifts for the outdoors--for dads and the dad-adjacent to make finding the perfect gift a breeze.

Outdoors foraging with the Barebones Foraging Bag

Father’s Day Gifts For The Outdoors

Nata Tool (and Hardwood Replacement Handle)

Similar to a slimmer, more polished machete, the Nata tool is indispensable for any kind of bush-whacking or brush-clearing. The stainless steel core extends all the way through the handle, allowing maximum swing and ease of use. Plus, if Dad prefers to repair rather than repurchase, we offer a sleek Hardwood Replacement Handle kit that contains everything he’ll need to restore his Nata tool to brand-new condition.


Work Gloves

Dad’s nothing if not hands-on when it comes to the backyard. Now, he can avoid splinters and those pesky rosebush thorns with these soft-but-sturdy cowhide work gloves. Their smooth shape forms well to any size of hands, and the shirred elastic back keeps the gloves from sliding off while working.


Hori Hori Ultimate

This ingenious Japanese-inspired tool takes the place of a spade, measuring stick, and knife - and it’s an excellent choice for outdoor work of any type. Plant veggie starters using the handy inch marks on the blade, whittle kindling with the sharpened edges, and pound in tent stakes with the flat pommel base. Dad will love this multi-use tool for backyard tasks, camping, or exploring.


Foraging Bag

Backyard harvests and woodland forages are easy and tidy with this waxed canvas foraging bag. Whether Dad’s proud of his backyard tomatoes or prefers to look for mushrooms on his daily walks, this bag features a handy bucket-style top opening, meaning no pesky flaps getting in the way - and the bag’s bottom opens, making it easy to empty and clean.


Field Hatchet

An excellent hatchet makes light work of whatever project Dad has in mind - and this hatchet is the perfect size to pack in the camper, the backpack, or hang up in the garden shed. It’s both lightweight and compact and comes with a handle that sets into the axe head, allowing for a sturdy and trustworthy swing. If the time comes to replace the handle, no worries - we offer a handle replacement kit that makes it simple to get back to the work at hand.


Grilling while wearing the Barebones Tradesman Leather Apron

Grill Gifts For Father’s Day

30” or 23” Cowboy Grill

If Dad excels at open-fire cooking or BBQ'ing, there’s no better way to level up his game than with the Cowboy Fire Pit Grill. Doubling as both an open fire pit and a grilling station, the Cowboy Grill even comes with a hanging rack, allowing for overhead tool storage while cooking or suspension of a Dutch oven for braising a stew. Plus, Dad can stagger multiple grill grates to cook multiple dishes at one time. The grilling options are virtually limitless.


Wilderness Chef Knife

Ideal for prep both inside the kitchen and in the great outdoors, the Wilderness Chef Knife dices, slices, and chops to perfection. Dad will love the way it goes from slicing fruit to cutting meat for kebabs – and the easy maintenance of the sturdy stainless steel blade. Its leather sheath clips easily onto his belt, so it’s at hand in any circumstance. A no-brainer gift for any guy that loves to cook.


Leather Apron

This apron is a big upgrade from the ratty “kiss the cook” apron that’s been kicking around for decades. Its waxed leather material is made to work, featuring multiple pockets for phone, thermometer, chisel, or anything, Dad likes to keep close at hand. The adjustable cross-back straps allow for multiple configurations, making the apron a good fit for any build – and relieving pull and pressure on the neck when the pockets are full.


AIO Cast-Iron Grill

The All-In-One Grill quite literally does it all - and goes way beyond simple burger-flipping. This system efficiently braises, roasts, deep-fries, smokes, and even acts as a slow cooker. No matter the meal Dad’s aiming to make, he can do it in style - all with one kit.


Outdoors holding the Barebones Edison Light Stick

Outdoor Lights & Lighting Accessories

10000 Power Bank

Dad is always prepared for an emergency - and a 10,000 mAh power bank will keep him equipped for any situation. Plus, this power bank handily powers any similarly vintage-styled Barebones light sources, making each camping trip or backyard bonfire a success. Its pleasing retro styling makes it easy to display or keep within arms’ reach - and its USB charging cable allows the power bank to be recharged when you need to keep the lights on.


Edison Light Stick

The ideal gadget for a Dad who prefers his tools to be multi-purpose and compact, the Edison light stick comes with dual lighting options and clips on to a bag or belt. Its high-quality craftsmanship is accented with brass, copper and leather accents, providing a satisfying heft - and the seven different light modes allow Dad to create a satisfying ambiance while he works, reads or explores.


Outpost Pendant

Whether Dad enjoys camping with the RV or adding atmosphere to the back deck at home, the Outpost pendant light is key for creating a cozy and inviting space. Its vintage design looks excellent hung up on the patio or featured over an outdoor dining table, and its warm light is bright enough for outdoor reading. Plus, Dad can connect up to 6 pendant lights together to create brighter, more vibrant lighting for the entire campsite or firepit.


Vintage Flashlight

Combining retro styling with modern capabilities, the vintage flashlight is perfectly sized to throw in the car, the go-bag, or anywhere Dad needs it. Plus, the hook at the bottom makes it easy to hang in the garage or shed - and its brightness is adjustable, making it versatile no matter where Dad takes it.


Grabbing the Barebones Neelum Duffel from the back of a pick up truck

Dad’s Accessories (That He Didn’t Know He Needed)

Neelum Duffel

If Dad camps, travels for work, or just enjoys vacation, the Neelum duffel bag is equipped for any weather and destination. Its ultra-sturdy waxed canvas exterior is weather- and water-proof and easy to clean with a quick wipe. Its rugged exterior will last a lifetime and can handle whatever Dad will put it through - and he’ll love the look, too.


Dad Hat

There’s nothing more classic than a dad hat - and Dad will love this addition to his hat collection. Its lived-in texture and flexibility mean there’s no break-in period, and its 100% cotton twill manufacturing is soft while wearing and ensures a low-profile, timeless look. Perfect while worn for vacation, work, or to a BBQ - and anywhere in between.

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