The Edison Light Stick Guide

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The Edison Light Stick is the perfect blend of vintage-inspired craftsmanship and modern functionality, designed with sustainability and longevity in mind. This retro light stick operates as an ambient lantern and a bright LED flashlight, allowing a wide range of uses at home and abroad. Whether you display it as a conversation piece or as the kids’ regular nightlight, you’ll love the lengthy battery life and easy portability that the Edison Light Stick offers.

The Components of the Edison Light Stick

The Edison Light Stick features two different functions: the looped LED lantern light in the body of the lightstick offers a soft, warm ambiance, perfect for letting off peripheral light during card games or operating as a portable lantern. The top of the Light Stick operates as a flashlight, offering a bright, cool LED light that’s an excellent direct light source when cooking, exploring or managing a power outage.

To change the brightness of each light function, twist the light selector knob at the top of the Light Stick. Choose between 7 different lighting settings to create the ideal light level for your use.

(Psst: want to know a secret?)
The light selector knob contains a little bonus feature: a surprise candlelight mode! It’s the best way to add a little cozy vibe wherever you go, and is easily accessible through a sequence of a few specific clicks. Starting with the Light Stick completely off, twist the light selector knob one click to the right (clockwise). Turn back off with one twist to the left, and repeat this on-off sequence until you click into lantern mode for the 4th time. From there, stop turning and enjoy the warm flickering light!

The Edison Light Stick has a solid metal top and bottom, promising durability and years of use. We designed the light stick with a plastic lens, rather than a glass one, to avoid cracks or shattering from accidental drops or bumps while in your bag (or in the hands of kiddos). Just toss in your bag and go! When it comes to portability, the leather loop attaches easily onto a bag or belt for handy access using a small-size Barebones carabiner, or a clip or strap of your own.

The Edison Light Stick offers multiple charging options: the Light Stick comes with a USB-C port (and included cord and USB-A adapter) that allows you to charge from the wall or a portable power source. We’ve also aimed for sustainability: the Light Stick includes a rechargeable (and replaceable) LI-ION battery, allowing you to add a new battery when the time comes instead of spending money on a whole new product. Finally, the built-in battery level indicator makes sure you never get caught by surprise when you’re on-the-go.


How To Use The Edison Light Stick

The Edison Light Stick works just as well at the campsite as it does navigating a power outage at home. The lantern function adds the perfect soft glow inside your tent or extra ambient light to your evening card games. At home, use the lantern function (or the bonus flickering candlelight function, explained above) anytime you want to mimic the warm glow of candles: cast a soft glow over the living room, use as mood lighting to spice up a romantic candlelit dinner, or add to the kids’ blanket fort for soft light that will last all night long.

The Light Stick is an excellent grab-and-go choice for backpacking or anytime you need to pack light, as it operates as a flashlight and a lantern – no need to grab one of each! Its ease of use makes it an excellent emergency or travel light, and its craftsmanship is visually pleasing enough to display on your nightstand, mantle, or anywhere a flashlight should be close at hand – no more late-night rummaging through drawers when you need light the most.

The Light Stick is a no-brainer for travel, ensuring you always have a light source at your disposal in a hotel room or exploring the city. Use it as a quick way to find the restroom late at night without waking your travel partner, set it to candlelight mode for a cozy evening in, or stash it in your purse or travel bag when you’re on the go. The Light Stick is small and lightweight enough to bring wherever you go, without sacrificing functionality and efficiency.

If you’re wanting to go big, placing several Edison Light Sticks around the backyard or patio creates a cozy and chic atmosphere when hosting an outdoor event like cocktail hour or a family gathering. The spiral filaments of the lantern function create a unique and eye-catching effect, sure to add ambiance.

Why We Love The Edison Light Stick

The Edison Light Stick is an excellent gift for your history-buff uncle, your handy gadget-loving dad, or your camping-enthusiast sister. It appeals to those who appreciate a retro design and those who enjoy dependable quality craftsmanship. Plus, its long battery life (over 40 hours on low/4.5 hours on high for the lantern function, and over 70 hours on low/7 hours on high for the flashlight function) allow you to bring it along on your travels without fear of being left in the dark - literally.

In terms of style, the Edison Light Stick comes in three variants. Select the Brass Light Stick for a gleaming vintage look accented by bright copper and brown leather – or for a similarly metallic, polished look, check out the Aluminum Light Stick, reminiscent of the classic 80s chrome flashlight. In contrast, the Tumbled Steel Light Stick boasts a darker matte design that wears over time to reveal the natural color of the metal.

Each variant of the Edison Light Stick is made with durable, real metal, making it nearly indestructible and extending its life far beyond a regular flashlight. The Light Stick’s specifically-designed plastic lens makes it shatter-proof and easy to throw in your bag (or give to the kids) without fear of bumps and cracks. The metal structure, plus the rechargeable-and-replaceable battery, make for a sustainable purchase that will stand the test of time: no need to constantly cycle through AA batteries or toss the flashlight when its battery runs out. The Edison Light Stick will go wherever you go and last for years of use, making it a purchase worth handing down.

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