Barebones x Tournant

Our new Cowboy Grill System was created with direct input from our open fire chef partners Mona Johnson & Jaret Foster of Tournant. Their keen insight and years of experience led to the highly functional, superior quality, and beautiful product we have today.

“Everything is right here. Everything is at your fingertips.”







“The flavors of fire are undeniable. Whether it’s hang roasting a whole cut of meat over the fire, or cedar planking a nice piece of fish and imbuing that woodsy flavor, or leaning something over the fire so it can cook really slowly and gently. Each ingredient, you’re looking at it and figuring out how it will perform best on the fire. How can we make it the most delicious?”

Tournant is a French word meaning turning point or watershed moment. With Tournant, Jaret and Mona have sought to create something meaningful and new. Their seminal farm-to-fire approach to cooking celebrates time, place, and purpose. Often served outdoors in nature, their meals are guided by the seasons and local bounty. Though ephemeral, these dining experiences create space for guests to slow down, connect, savor the moment, and create lasting memories.

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