7 Cowboy Grill Cooking Methods

 Fire it up, cook, and feast.

The Barebones Cowboy Grill System is much more than just an alternative to your standard BBQ. With various assembly options and modular design, the 23" and 30" Cowboy Fire Pit Grills make outdoor cooking variations virtually limitless. Here are 8 ways you can configure the grill and 7 cooking methods that will produce ideal cooking conditions every time.

What Comes With The 30" Cowboy Grill?

  • 30" Solid Steel Fire Pit Bowl 
  • Adjustable Legs
  • Grill Grate
  • Suspension Bar (56" max height)

What Comes With The 23" Cowboy Grill?

  • 23" Solid Steel Fire Pit Bowl 
  • Grill Grate
  • Grill Pole (33" max height)

Configurations (*30" Cowboy Grill ONLY)

  1. Fire Pit
  2. Fire Pit with Grill Grate
  3. *Fire Pit with Overhead Suspension
  4. Fire Pit with Overhead Suspension and Grill Grate
  5. Standing Fire Pit
  6. Standing Cowboy Cooker with Grill Grate
  7. *Standing Cowboy Cooker with Overhead Suspension
  8. *Standing Cowboy Cooker with Overhead Suspension and Grill Grate

Cooking Methods

1. Placing Food Directly in Coals

Cooking directly on coals is one of the most traditional ways to cook over an open fire. All you need is white-hot charcoal and a piece of meat, vegetables, or bread dough. The coals sear the meat and create a crust that prevents coals from sticking to food. Pay attention to your food as it will cook quickly.

Recipe: Carne Asada for Street Tacos


2. Grill on the Grate Attachment

Our grill grate attachment is a perfect cooking surface for your cowboy cooker. Lay it directly on the fire pit track, or take control of the heat by attaching it to the vertical suspension bars and moving it up or down. Use with Barebones Cast Iron Skillet or Dutch Oven or add food directly to the grill.

Recipe: Ultimate Outdoor Burger


3. Hang from the Suspension Bar

Hang your Barebones Dutch Oven or use hooks to hang food from the suspension bar. Adjust the heat direction by setting up the placement of your heat source in the fire pit and/or adjusting the height of your chains. This is a great option for slow cooking or roasting.

Recipe: Sopa de Lima in the Crock


4. Convert to a Fire Pit and Roast with Roasting Sticks

Use Barebones Roasting Sticks to cook over the campfire, the traditional way. Perfect for sausages while camping and marshmallows in the backyard after a long summer day. The extended legs keep the pit off the ground to reduce rust and make it easy to set up anywhere.


5. Use Multiple Grill Grates to Create a Feast

Test your cooking skills. Add additional Barebones Grill Grate Accessories for a multi-tiered cooking experience. The varying levels allow maximum control over temperature and heat so you can cook more items at the same time.


6. Cook with Charcoal, Wood, or Both

Use your cowboy cooker to experiment with different open-fire cooking methods, different fuels and hardwoods, and experience the flavors from open-fire cooking.



7. Keep Things Warm

Making a large meal with several side dishes? Have meat to baste or brine? Or tortillas and breads to warm and soften? Utilize the Barebones Side Table Accessory to prep foods and keep items warm by the fire before serving.


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