The Hori Hori: Versatility in the Garden

As a cohort of devoted gardeners, we’ve spent years testing, building and tweaking gardening tools. Our goal: to create the ultimate, high-function garden tool that would last through season after season of planting and harvesting.

After studying and experimenting with garden tools from countless different countries, cultures and climates, we discovered the Hori Hori.

 Hori Hori Ultimate and Sheath

Light and lean, yet powerful and sturdy, this multi-faceted tool was what we had been searching for. Translated from Japanese, Hori Hori means “dig, dig” - a perfect nod to this tool’s original and most common use, and a name we saw fitting to keep as we put our Barebones touch on this classic tool.

Honoring timeless, traditional Hori Hori gardening design, we crafted our hand-treated stainless steel blades with one straight and one serrated edge in a pointed, concave shape - ideal for cutting, weeding, planting, and digging.


Hori Hori Ultimate Digging


Massaging the design for flawless function, we also included a twine cutter and bottle opener. By eliminating the need for an on-person set of gardening scissors, and by adding the ability to easily open our favorite outdoor beverages, we grew even more attached to our newfound gardening partner.

  Hori Hori Ultimate Garden

It’s no surprise that we chose to secure this powerful and versatile knife to a walnut blade handle. This type of handle is a staple in our gardening line, and for good reason. The walnut we source is both comfortable to use and durable.

The Hori Hori knife has become the center of our gardening toolkits. Of all the planting and digging tools we’ve used and created, Hori Horis remain our favorite and most reliable.

Garden Tools Woodsman

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