Cast Iron Grill

An outdoor Cook's Dream

Grill on the go? You bet. This package features everything you need to make delicious meals at camp, at the park, by the lake, and anywhere else you set off to.

The star of the show is our All-In-One Cast Iron Grill: A cast iron base and domed lid, grill grate, baking steel, tripod stand, and coal tray combine in countless configurations to expand your outdoor dining options. Done cooking? Pack it all down into a single self-contained bundle to minimize what you carry.

7 Different Cooking Methods

Explore new cuisines without carrying extra equipment. The All-In-One's innovative construction provides maximum versatility from grill to wok to skillet, smoker, and more.

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#1 Grill For Camp & Travel

Forget packing a ton of heavy, cumbersome equipment and leave the BBQ, cast iron skillet, and griddle at home. Take the AIO just about anywhere and pack all accessories inside the cast iron base. This grill truly travels well and stores compactly.

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High-Quality Steel Construction

Lighter in weight than cast iron and more durable than copper, our Cowboy Fire Pit is constructed from heavy-duty steel -- stable enough for heavy backyard use and versatile enough to throw in the car and bring to your favorite outdoor spot. Our steel is coated with FDA-approved high-temperature paint to improve the look and feel of the fire pit.

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One Word...Amazing!

This was a gift to my boyfriend who has been in the food industry for decades and loves to cook. Having recently become full timer RV ppl, he saw this and sent me a link asking my opinion. Considering my first line of this review, you can gather my thoughts. And, wow! THE best sirloin flap you’ll ever taste was the first thing made. Bonus: it takes up very little space in our “basement”.
This is a total winner!!

- Jill F.


I absolutely love this grill. It is so versatile and capable yet collapses into a nice travel sized package so easily. Have not been happier with a cooking product and I have many.

- John K.

Perfect Device

Sudden arctic chill in Big Bend nearly froze our Christmas glamping. Grill came through like a champ. Versatile cooking surfaces allowed us to grill, boil and sauté and even threw off a little extra heat.

- Mike D.

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