Camp Nice 2020 x Barebones

Photos Courtesy of Craig Wetherby via Camp Nice

What is Camp Nice?

Camp Nice is an annual tentpole event put on by the creative agency TheGoodLife!. Coined as a fully inclusive “Summer Camp For Adults”, the week-long getaway gives creatives a chance to reconnect outside of the confines of the office and bond together in nature. 


Camp Nice 2020


As an agency that specializes in experiential activations, Camp Nice doubles as an organic way to produce visual content for TheGoodLife!’s partner brands.

Barebones was one of the lucky brands to support this super cool event. We donated
Field Hatchets for hatchet throwing; cast iron cookware for open fire meals; Hori Horis for pitching tents; and more. The Barebones’ mission is to help connect people with food, nature, and the primal pull of the fire, and looking through these pictures, it’s evident that this event was the quintessential example of building community in the outdoors.


Campers use Barebones tool for activities


With most events cancelled for all of 2020, Camp Nice brought an incredible sense of joy to all those who could join.


Campers learn how to gather and harvest Wintergreen

“At Camp, the vibe was different this year, that’s for sure. But it wasn’t different in a negative sense. If anything, the pandemic squeezed more camaraderie, more exchange, and more urgency into the act of surviving in nature with a community of fellow humans for all of the campers. Everyone wore their heart on their sleeve, interested and eager to be involved, to help, and to hear each other’s stories.”

Campers use Barebones grills and skillets to cook vegan meals

Camp Nice Featured Brands


Hatchet in wooden target with fire underneath




TheGoodLife! is a full service creative agency specializing in experiential activations, content creation, and strategic partnerships. Based in Brooklyn, New York, their extensive client list includes Burton Snowboards, Woolrich, Filson, Def Jam, Adidas, Aldo, Avery Dennison, Anheuser-Busch, Umbro and more.

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