Dark Moon

Dark. Damp. Dormant. That’s what most people see in the winter landscape. Eva and Danielle, however, see it differently: Eerie. Mysterious. Beautiful. Even in the winter, for them, outdoor inspiration is everywhere. Not long ago, they channeled that inspiration into an unforgettable experience for 58 lucky diners. 

The two women run Secret Supper, an adventurist dinner gathering where guests don’t know where, what, or with whom they’ll be eating, but they know they’ll have the night of their life. Prior diners have found themselves in the middle of a meadow, tucked away in a secret garden, or overlooking the vastness of the sea. We partnered with them and un-caterer Tournant for Dark Moon, a winter dinner on Maysara Winery in Oregon. 

Inside the barn, tall candles and foraged branches laid on white linens ran the length of the table, flanked on either side by smaller candles, dark dishes, and flatware atop a silver tablecloth. Overhead was an installation of dried local foliage. String lights and candles in suspended glass orbs enhanced the eerie beauty. Of the setting, the organizers said, “Even things that aren't 'traditionally' attractive can be beautiful when shown in an interesting way,” 

The menu, created by Mona and Jaret of Tournant, featured local and seasonal fare prepared onsite over coals and fire. Guests were greeted with antipasti and wine, followed by a course of Tyrolean bread dumplings in a rich, clear broth. 

Next on the table was coal-roasted spaghetti squash with pancetta, parmigiano, and egg, followed by tender milk-braised pork, creamy pumpkin farrotto, and bitter greens. 

Cranberry apple crisp with vanilla bean creme fraiche was served for dessert as night fell and the guests exchanged stories and laughter. By the end of the meal, 58 strangers from across the United States had a shared memory—and inspiration of their own. 


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