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"I grew up camping in the summers. It felt like we were going every weekend, whether it was for a family reunion, with my parents' friends, or just my small family of four. We didn't really have the money to take a flight anywhere; in fact, I didn't get on a plane until I was a teenager and didn't leave the country until years after that, so camping and time in the Utah mountains were what I knew as vacation."



Sarah, Art Director, culture driver, and every morning coffee-maker at Barebones.





This summer Sarah and her family stayed in a rustic cabin at Moon Lake: a small lake in Utah’s Ashley National Forest nestled on the southern side of the High Uintas. With sandy beaches, hiking trails, fishing, a plethora of wildlife, tales of lake monsters and old mining lore, Moon Lake is a local favorite.

Moon Lake, Utah

Moon Lake, Utah
Moon Lake

Moon Lake Cabin





"A simple camping cocktail - mix coconut water with Prairie Organic Cucumber Vodka. It’s so refreshing, easy, and delicious."



"Beyond Vegan Sausages. I can eat these all day. It’s so nice to not miss out on the experience of slow roasting a dog over the fire, even if you eat vegan or looking for meat alternatives. It’s a camping quintessential.

 >> Vegan S’mores Tip - Use a thick cut banana instead of a marshmallow. Blacken it, and then smash it between some fancy non-dairy dark chocolate and grahams. It’s become a favorite amongst my friends."

Roasting Around A Fire



#1 // "The Backpack Cooler is my all time favorite product. I take it camping, on our inflatable raft when we just want to do some floating, to parties, and even took it to Ireland so that I can have a portable cooler for our adventures. At Moon Lake I’d pack it to the brim with beers and seltzer and head to the beach."

#2 // "Beacon Light. Aside from being perfectly compact, having a carabiner for clipping, and being rechargeable, my favorite feature is the fact that it dims. I’m so particular about the ‘mood’ of an environment. I never want to sacrifice a nice, dim lit dinner!"

Beacon Light

#3 // "Enamelware. Every morning I got up, made coffee, and sat on our rustic cabin porch to take in the beauty of my surroundings. I appreciate not just a functional product, but one that has an aesthetic that matches my environment. I felt like the vintage qualities of our enamelware just kind of belonged in our Moon Lake cabin."

Enamel Mug

#4 // "Wine Tumblers. Let’s face it - I always have some kind of drink in hand. I can go from coffee, to water, to evening beverages seamlessly. The wine tumblers look so much like glass, but are unbreakable. They were perfect for my coconut-vodka camping cocktail."

Wine Tumbler

#5 // "Picnic Knife. I didn’t need any other knife. It slices through everything like butter, and folds and packs nicely. Plus, with a wine and bottle opener, it’s really the ONLY tool you need for wilderness survival. (Well, maybe for rustic camping.)"

Picnic Knife


Moon Lake Road



Interested in visiting Moon Lake Resort? Click HERE for more information.

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