Gift Wrapping with Natural Elements

What can you do with gathered florals and branches? Use them to add a personal, handcrafted touch to your wrapped gifts. Jenevieve of Wild Flora shows us how she turns dried stems, roadside weeds, and evergreen into sophisticated adornments for her presents.


  1. Gift Boxes: Keep things simple by selecting gift boxes in recycled craft that look just as beautiful bare as wrapped.

  2. Kraft Paper: Kraft paper in all its myriad iterations from plain to polka dot to striped makes the best backdrop for nature-inspired gift wrapping.

  3. Ribbon: I’m particularly fond of hand dyed silk ribbon. It is a bit pricier but a little goes a long way.

  4. Brass Bells: These little darlings seem to be everywhere this year and I can’t get enough of them. You can get them in any shape or size from tiny to large.

  5. Foraged Finds: Here’s another opportunity to spend some time in your garden or go for a nature walk and see what can be found. My favorites this time of year are bare juniper twigs, juniper greens with berries, spruce, cedar, lichen, and dried garden finds like hydrangea or lunaria. Don’t be afraid to get even more creative with pinecones, acorns, or even feathers.

  6. Tools: Scissors, tape, and a good hardy pair of pruners and the gathering bag to transport your foraged finds will all come in handy for this project. 


Little Spruce Wrap:

For this look I let the beauty of this little kraft box stand on its own and did a simple ribbon wrap using some tea dyed silk.

Add to that a sprig of Blue Spruce borrowed from an obliging neighborhood tree and top it off with an brass bell for a beautiful minimal look.


Wildflower Pods Wrap:

Here’s an opportunity to get creative with some roadside weeds. These pretty wildflower pods pair perfectly with black striped kraft wrapping paper, some thick twine and an Indian bell.


Forest Finds Wrap

I like to use my evergreen sprigs and foraged sticks on the larger packages, making little bundles of a few things, tying them in twine or hemp string and topping off with a brass bell or two.


Garden Finds Wrap

No amount of hand drying can replicate what wind and sun can do to the pods and flowers in your garden creating the most magical things like glassy lunaria and golden papery hydrangea. These more delicate things are the perfect addition to a little kraft jewelry box wrapped in gold crafting wire.


Photos courtesy of Breanne McMahon.

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