Elevate Your Event with a Foraged Table Centerpiece

Video by Big American Story

Jenevieve Hubbard of Beehive Floral Co. says it best herself, all the best things are wild. With little more than a bucket of water, a handful of sharp tools, a snippet of this and a branch of that, Jenevieve creates just the thing to tie an event together. Luscious swaths of greenery cascading down long communal tables set the tone for bringing a bit of Life Outdoors to the indoors.


Taking care to choose hardy plants, and taking only what you need, will ensure you have foliage that will hold well for days ahead of an event while causing no harm to its surroundings.



A few vertical snips to the freshly cut end of each branch allows for maximum water absorption.



Take pause to be inspired - rather than losing yourself scrolling for an online version of your perfect vision, take a walk in the mountain air. See the colors and textures and how they interweave across the landscape.



One of our favorite Beehive Floral Co. tips: open your eyes to see your everyday surroundings in new light. You never know what beauty you might find growing out in an abandoned parking lot or what friends you might make by knocking on a neighbor’s door.

Photos and story by Caroline Hargraves


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