Foraged Fall Arrangements Workshop with Wild Flora

Just last weekend we gathered with Jenevieve Hubbard of Wild Flora amongst scissor and vase strewn tables within our Salt Lake City-based retail space for our first ever workshop. 


With Jenevieve and her expertise as our guide, we snipped and clipped, chatted with new friends, and even meandered our way into a nearby open space to forage some greens of our own.

Use floral tape to create a grid over the top of your vase to anchor in unwieldy branches. Don't skip the flower food - a small sprinkle into your vase will go a long way in preserving your arrangement.

As Jenevieve advised, there are three parts to every floral arrangements: greenery, filler flowers, and focal flowers. Use restraint when making additions to your arrangement - while tempting to create something lush and full, often a single branch trimmed to size or cut in half will do.

When choosing your branches and trimming their height to fit your vessel, be sure to strip the branches of any leaves at or below the water's surface.  

As you work, rotate your arrangement to look at it from all sides. Should you start to develop a favorite side, steer clear of it and show some love to the other areas. Take another solid look and choose one branch to discard. No one said minimalism was easy, but simplicity pays off in the final product.



Crafts Fall foraging Pruning

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