The Harvesting Bag vs. The Foraging Bag

A Quick Look At The Harvesting Bag

A Barebones bestseller, the Harvesting and Gathering bag features sturdy waxed-canvas construction in a spacious size, making it the perfect bag for apple-picking, transporting an entire market trip’s worth of produce, or even tossing in your laptop for your next meeting. The waxed exterior is water-resistant, meaning it’s resilient enough for even the dampest weather, and the removable interior liner is watertight, allowing you to store flowers or damp produce without worrying about leaks. The bag can be used with or without the liner insert to fit your needs.

The Harvesting Bag has a unique rolled sack-style bottom, quickly releasing to easily unload your goods (and making for easy cleaning, too). Plus, the convertible straps allow for multiple modes of wearing:

  • Hang off your shoulder for casual transportation.
  • Wear on the front of your chest in the traditional harvesting style for easy access while picking fruit or snipping blooms.
  • Wear as a backpack to easily transport items on a hike or walk.
  • Sling across your chest and wear next to your hip to keep your harvest close at hand.

The large size of the Harvesting Bag gives you all kinds of opportunities to use:

  • Naturally, take your Harvesting Bag into the garden or to the farmer’s market to carry a large haul without wasting multiple flimsy plastic bags.
  • Take to the playground with the kids. This bag is extremely easy to clean and is water-resistant, making it ideal for diaper changes or bad weather. Or, use the removable liner to keep dirty or sandy toys separate from the bag’s other contents.
  • Use as a fishing bag. Keep your live catch fresh by adding water into the Harvesting Bag, or place the lining directly in the water. The bag’s stiff construction means it’ll stand upright and keep your catch contained.

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A Quick Look At The Foraging Bag

The Foraging Bag is a smaller, more compact option compared to the Harvesting bag – while maintaining the same durable quality that made the Harvesting Bag a bestseller. Like the Harvesting Bag, the Foraging Bag is crafted with a stiff, water-resistant waxed canvas shell - but unlike its larger counterpart, the Foraging Bag comes with three interchangeable interior liners, each with a different function.

  • The mesh insert allows delicate items like mushrooms to breathe, and redistributes mushroom spores back into the land – or, use the mesh insert to store wet gear after tubing or a lake day.
  • The cotton-canvas insert is the most universal insert, transforming the Foraging Bag into a satchel or crossbody bag useable for everyday items.
  • The watertight PEVA insert holds damp items without leaking water

The convertible straps of the Foraging Bag allow you to wear it across your body or around your hip like a fanny pack for hands-free access. Plus, the canvas and mesh inserts have a cinch-top closure that allow you to keep items safely stored inside.

The Foraging Bag packs easily anywhere you’re going - and while it’s the perfect bag for foraging herbs and flowers, it’s also an excellent go-to for a wide variety of adventures:

  • Pack a picnic - and use the watertight PEVA insert to keep your drinks cool!! Simply fill the insert with ice and add drinks of your choice. The rigid open bottom allows the bag to sit independently without leaking or tipping over.
  • Use all components of the Foraging Bag for a day on the river. Throw beers in the mesh liner and drop them into the river to keep cool, and store wet shoes or clothing in the watertight liner when done. Meanwhile, pack your snacks and gear in the cotton canvas sack and store them separately to keep dry.
  • Bring to the dog park. Attach the bag fanny-pack style to keep your hands free while throwing the ball, and use the watertight liner to keep slobbery dog toys off your clothes and car interior. Fasten your car keys or doggie bags to the attached rings for a true one-bag excursion.

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Which Bag is Right for You?

With similarities in material, construction, and durability, the size of each bag is the real difference-maker when it comes to finding the best fit for your needs.

The Harvesting Bag is excellent for larger-scale produce hauls or transporting garden tools without ruining a regular bag with dirt or rips. It was primarily designed for the garden, though it can fulfill any purpose, and its design is based on a traditional harvesting bag that has been used for centuries. The Harvesting Bag’s construction is seriously heavy-duty, allowing for heavy hauls, and its flexibility as a backpack, a front-facing harvest bag, or a regular sling bag allows you to easily pick and harvest different fruits or veggies. The unique rolled bottom makes for easy unloading, whether packing potatoes from the garden or the kids’ treasures from the beach.

If foraging on a smaller scale and focusing more on herbs, mushrooms or hiking trail treasures, the Foraging Bag may be a better fit. We designed this bag based on direct feedback we received of its predecessor, the Harvesting Bag, adding the trio of liners to make for better harvesting of delicate mushrooms and guaranteeing more flexible everyday usage overall – plus, a closure on top of the bag to keep its contents safe. The Foraging Bag is constructed in a smaller but seriously efficient size, making it the perfect multi-purpose bag that takes you from the beach to the garden to the forest.

You can’t go wrong with either: each bag is durable, weather-proof and stylish, with real metal hardware that promises years of use. Plus, the waxed canvas exterior of each bag will wear over time to create a unique patina, telling the story of your adventures.

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