Ethical Waxed Canvas Production In Pakistan

Neelum Collection

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In 2020, Barebones initiated a partnership aimed at expanding our supply chain in Pakistan with a central goal: generating sustainable employment opportunities with fair wages in an underserved community.

What began as a trial run evolved into a diverse production line. After two successful years of manufacturing leather gloves, we expanded our product line to include additional leather goods and ventured into the production of canvas goods in 2022.

Fast forward to 2024, and we proudly present a comprehensive collection of Waxed Canvas bags, coined the Neelum Collection. Our leather glove collection also expanded from 9 SKUs to 25 SKUS with two new designs plus a leather apron and two colors of leather hot pads. Additionally, we introduced our first cotton canvas product with our chef apron and developed a small run of cabin tents with the main goal of supporting humanitarian needs.

At the end of 2023, Pakistan-made goods accounted for 16% of our overall sales--and we expect that to grow in 2024.

In collaboration with Tigeriam, we are committed to further expanding our canvas line and exploring additional regionally producible fabrics, such as hemp. Our mission is to contribute to the livelihoods of the people in Pakistan by fostering job creation, with the hope of inspiring other brands to consider local production and job generation.

Pakistan workers producing our waxed canvas bags.

The production of goods in this culturally rich and mountainous region plays a vital role in supporting growth within local communities. Through this endeavor, skilled craftsmen and craftswomen earn fair wages, enhancing their economic well-being and enabling them to provide more for their families.

Our founder & CEO Robert Workman working in Pakistan.

Sustainability In Every Step

Being a sustainability-focused B Corp, our teams consistently seek ways to minimize environmental impact and waste. Manufacturing goods in Pakistan provides inherent benefits, reducing unnecessary fuel consumption and streamlining shipping logistics due to the local availability of most production materials.

When choosing materials for our soft goods collection, we prioritized local resources. Cotton weaves undergo complete production processes within Pakistan, benefiting from the ideal climate for cotton farming. Additionally, leather, one of the largest exports of Pakistan, is utilized for product detailing.

biodegradable packaging

Our packaging produced in Pakistan is recyclable and/or biodegradable.

Cotton canvas, a primary material in our collection, is incredibly sturdy and holds up well to everyday use, resisting rips or fading like no other material. A cotton canvas bag will flex and strengthen with the weight of its contents, resisting stretching and tearing - and waxing this material brings even greater resilience through waterproofing and wind resistance. This natural longevity makes waxed canvas cost-effective and a sustainable choice. It is a perfect material for a bag you will have for a lifetime.

The Neelum Concept

Barebones Neelum waxed canvas bags are minimal in design, timeless in style, and are proudly made with zero plastic.

They are thick canvas--double layered on the bottom for extra support. This thick canvas, protected by a layer of re-waxable beeswax, will develop a soft, beautiful patina and crinkled look over time.

In an industry where soft goods often bear hefty mark-ups, we prioritize affordability without compromising quality. By strategically reducing logistics and shipping costs, we maintain reasonable margins, making these durable bags accessible to anyone passionate about owning a reliable companion.

Our current collection includes seven waxed canvas bags, each equipped with industrial-grade zippers and constructed from 12-ounce canvas. Some, like the duffel, feature leather detailing and adjustable cotton straps, adding style and functionality to our offerings.

The name Neelum derives from the beautiful lush Neelum Valley in Pakistan.

The Neelum Waxed Canvas Collection

Market & Everyday Totes 

Built for the Farmers Market & as everyday shopping totes, these can also transport a big haul (or just be that bag that never leaves your car). Three sizes fit everything you need.

Duffel Bag 

Ideal for weekend adventures from road trips to hotel stays to camp. So classic, the Neelum Duffel will never go out of style.

Large Zippered Bag 

Your new iPad/tablet case, travel games bag, or container for all those paper maps that still swim freely in your glovebox. Great organizer bag to throw in your duffel for travel.

Small Zippered Pouch 

Pencils, tools, storage for tech gadgets, and cords or trinkets -- you need a place to store them, and this small zippered bag is it.

Dopp Kit 

Not just for toiletries, this rigid rectangular design allows for the storage of bulky, smaller items such as hand tools, art supplies, first-aid kits, and supplies.

BSCI & Prop 65 Compliance

All Barebones factories are either Business Social Compliance Initiative (BCSI) compliant or working towards this compliance with our help. If a factory does not meet safety and health standards, we will work with them to ensure these conditions improve or pause work to maintain product integrity and worker safety.

Barebones also complies with Prop 65. We do not use any chemicals known to the state of California to cause cancer or reproductive toxicity.

Barebones B Corp Status

Barebones crafts durably beautiful food-centric tools perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. As a registered B-Corp, Barebones places a strong emphasis on sustainable sourcing and socially responsible economic development. Learn more about our Impact & B Corp Status.

More On Tigeriam

Tigeriam is a diversified holding company focused on ethical and sustainable business opportunities in historically disadvantaged markets. The company’s mission is to grow and strengthen local capacity by identifying, investing in, and partnering with commercial enterprises started and staffed by locals. Tigeriam’s vision is to be a global model for socially- and environmentally-conscious for-profit endeavors.

Tigeriam is currently involved in several pilot construction projects in Islamabad, where hundreds of laborers are employed. A team of qualified local architects, engineers, and designers are allowed to work on these projects with experienced international construction teams. Learn more at:

B-Corp Brand Humanitarian product information

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