The Complete Guide to the Beacon Hanging Lantern Light

The Beacon Hanging Light is the ideal overhead camping and adventure lantern. We’ve drawn primary inspiration for the light’s shape and casing from fisherman lights. Whalers and fishing vessels originally used these lights to provide light in even the most tumultuous situations.

The added carabiner was inspired by hanging miners’ lights, fastened along tunnels to illuminate the dark environment ahead. Now, it provides the ideal illumination for your campsite, backyard, or indoor project.

Is The Light Directional?

Unlike other lanterns, the Beacon Light aims downward instead of only casting outward, making it ideal for hanging above a work area or a patio table to brighten the space. The stamped steel hood of the Beacon Light also holds the metal carabiner, a sturdy way to attach the lantern to any overhead surface or backpack. The Beacon Light also has a sturdy base for setting down on flat surfaces, meaning that you’re still able to use it even when a place to hook the carabiner isn’t available.

What Materials Are Used In The Lantern?

We’ve manufactured the Beacon Light with three simple materials: steel, plastic, and rubber, guaranteeing sturdy and long-term use. The body of the Beacon Light is shatter-resistant thanks to its sturdy plastic construction, making it easy to toss in your bag or clip onto your bag without worrying about an accident.

What Type of Battery Does The Hanging Lantern Use?

Its power switch, located on top of the lantern, is also equipped with a smooth dimmer, allowing you to change the light level to fit your needs - and save battery life. The internal Barebones specific LI-ION battery is easily rechargeable using the attached USB charging cable that tucks neatly under the hood, and it’s also replaceable, making this lantern an excellent low-waste option that lasts for years. The included battery light indicator lets you know when to plug it in (lasting 200 hours on the lowest setting or 3 hours on the highest).

What Colors Are Available?

The Beacon Light is available in 8 different colors, ranging from brightly colored to classic bronze and copper. Match it with your tent or camper, or add a pop of color to brighten up your space: its vintage-style design adds a fun aesthetic to any excursion.

Click here for a full list of colors.

Where to Use the Beacon Hanging Lantern Light

While the Beacon Light is designed for hanging in a tent or bringing to an off-grid camping site, it’s also an excellent choice to store as an emergency light in your vehicle – nothing like realizing you need to change a tire in the middle of nowhere to convince you of the merits of a portable lantern. Or, clip the light onto your backpack strap or dog leash to provide a little illumination during a shaded or twilight trail walk.

It’s also a simple addition to a shed or workshop, providing concentrated overhead light with a twist of the switch - ideal for tinkering with delicate projects without fumbling with a handheld flashlight. Clip to your work belt for lighting up your footpath in a basement or during a power outage. Hook up the Beacon Light in closets or cabinets that don’t have their own lights or for a simple light source when you need to keep the bedroom dim for a sleeping partner or child. Plus, the easy-to-use function and sturdy craftsmanship of the Beacon Light make it an awesome gift for the avid under-the-cover reader in your life.

The unique retro styling of the Beacon Light makes it a great aesthetic choice, as well as a functional one. Dim low and use these on your outdoor tablescape for a candlelight-inspired mood. Clip the lights around the backyard patio, or outline your outdoor seating area by hanging lights from trees or shrubs, or softly illuminate dinner in the backyard by attaching a Beacon Light to the underside of the table umbrella.

See why this light is an employee favorite for personal use and gifting.

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