The All-In-One Grill Cooking Guide


A grill that braises, sautes, fries and stews? Say it ain’t so. The All-In-One Grill system (AIO Grill for short!) is the ultimate choice for flexible, compact and intuitive outdoor cooking, whether you’re a backyard BBQ-er or planning your next camping trip. No matter where you’re headed, you can enjoy meals far beyond traditional burgers-and-brats outdoor dining (though we love those too!).


All-In-One Grill Components

Breaking Down the Components of the AIO Grill

This handy grilling system includes capabilities for far more than just grilling. It’s a versatile mobile cooking station that covers all the basics, from soups to burgers. This all-in-one tool starts with a rounded, durable cast iron bowl-shaped base that works as both a container for charcoal and a cooking tool itself, operating like a Dutch oven or wok. This base is fitted with a domed lid for covered cooking. Add the handy grill grate for (you guessed it) all kinds of grilling, or swap for the included baking steel when you need a flat, oiled surface for foods starting as liquid or flakier, more delicate dishes like fish.

When it comes to the layout of your cooking, you’ve got options: the included tripod stand allows you to grill directly on a table-top, raised out of reach of kiddos, or even as a way to lift the base itself above your campfire while cooking over a fire. Plus, if you’re using the base as your cooking pot, you can add the adjustable coal tray to the tripod stand and fill with your favorite coal or charcoal to heat your meal.

An added perk of the AIO Grilling System is transportability. Each piece of the grill packs handily into the base and can be topped with the dome lid, creating a self-contained bundle for easy packing and minimal clutter.

Creative Ways to Use The All-In-One Grill

It’s clear that the AIO Grill allows for a ton of versatility in setup, but that only scratches the surface. Where the AIO Grill really shines is in the usage. We’ve gathered a few of our absolute favorite ways to use the All-In-One Grill, whether cooking in the backyard or out at camp.

Grill the Classics

Some meals go without saying: a cookout isn’t complete without grilled favorites like burgers and brats, corn on the cob, and steaks and chicken of all types. This method works best when using the crosshatched grill grate placed on top of the bowl base, which is then filled with coals or charcoal. This method allows the AIO Grill to operate exactly like a barbecue, infusing each thing you grill with smoky flavor and classic char marks. (As an added tip, consider adding extra protection to the cast iron bowl base by lining it with tinfoil before placing your coals inside!)

Raise this whole system on the included tripod stand and grill on your back deck, use it as a tailgate grill, or bring it camping (don’t forget the smores!).

P.S. - The AIO Grill can be a helpful asset when your area is experiencing a burn ban. Look up your area-specific rules and regulations to see if coal is included!

Cook a Complete Breakfast

If you’re on breakfast duty, the AIO Grill is literally all-in-one - whether you’re going for sweet or savory. Either way, start by adding coals or charcoal to the coal tray, then add the bowl base on the tripod.

For a savory breakfast, add oil and your preferred veggies into the heated grill base and saute to your preference (we love chopped onions and peppers). Remove the vegetables and the bowl base from the tripod and place in a heat-safe location. Next, place the baking steel on top of the tripod for the next step in your meal prep: frying!

When the baking steel is hot, fry up bacon or sausage and use the residual fat to prep for eggs (or skip this step and add butter). Crack a few eggs directly onto the baking steel to fry. Add breakfast-sized tortillas or buttered English muffins to the baking steel and heat to your preference.

The last step is the easiest: assemble your breakfast tacos or sandwiches and serve! Sidenote: If you’re more of a scrambled-eggs person, we’ve got a helpful tip. Consider shaking up eggs, milk and seasonings in a lidded jar. Replace the AIO bowl base onto the tripod, heat, and add your egg mixture to scramble. Dish up when they’re cooked to your liking!

If you prefer a sweet breakfast, stew your favorite fruit in the heated bowl base, remove the fruit and bowl base when warmed, and place the baking steel on top of the tripod. When hot, add cooking oil and pour spoonfuls of pancake batter on top of the baking steel. Flip with a sturdy spatula and remove when finished. Top your pancakes with stewed fruit for a sweet, cozy, and filling breakfast that’ll stick to your bones no matter what’s on the day’s agenda.

Prep Dinner on Your Schedule

Looking for a dinner that’ll cook all day without needing to be stirred? Slow-cooking is a breeze with the AIO base. Start with your wiped-clean AIO base and add your favorite ingredients for soup, stew, or even a braise (hello, pot roast with root veggies.) Top with the domed lid, and add the bowl base to the tripod stand. Place over an open fire (or add long-burning charcoals to the charcoal tray and add to the tripod base). Let the whole thing simmer while you relax and enjoy a book by the fire, or keep your hands busy with another task.

On the other hand, sometimes a quickly-prepped dinner works better with a busy day. In that case, the AIO’s cast iron base operates exactly like a wok and makes for a flavorful stir-fry (or fried rice!). Assemble and warm up charcoal on the charcoal tray and add the bowl base until it’s piping hot. Add your favorite low-smoke point oil and swirl to spread around the base. Add your ingredients and stir continually with a wooden spoon or spatula until your meal is cooked to your liking. If you’re cooking over an open fire, no problem - add the wok directly into the hot outer edges of the fire and cook until hot. (Be sure to use hot pads or handy open fire gloves to protect your hands.)

Fuss-Free Foil Packets

You can cook basically anything in foil packets - but this is an especially helpful method when you’ve got ingredients that shouldn’t lose moisture, like salmon, rice or potatoes, or when your meal prep involves cheese or a sauce that cooks along with the meal. And assembly is easy, too: wrap each portion with a few layers of foil, making sure the edges are tightly crimped to avoid leakage or ashes contaminating the food.

As far as cooking goes, here’s the cool part: the only AIO Grill component you need to cook a foil packet meal is, well, the base itself! Fill the cast iron base with coals or charcoal, heat accordingly, then place the foil packets directly on the hot coals to cook and cover with the accompanying dome lid. Foil packet meals typically take between 20-40 minutes to cook and work best when flipped periodically with heat-safe tongs to ensure heat and any liquids inside are evenly dispersed. Voila: essentially mess-free cooking with no dishes to wash. It doesn’t get better than that!

Looking for detailed recipes – and even more ways to use the AIO Grill? We’ve got you covered – and you can browse the entire AIO grill bundle for under $200.

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