Recipe Round-Up: 29 Dutch Oven Recipes

What comes to mind when you think of meals cooked in a Dutch oven? For us, it’s memories of warm, hearty meals like chili and stew, perfectly satisfying on a cold winter’s day. But the Dutch oven’s versatility blows away any expectations of single-season usefulness. Whether at home or spending the weekend in the woods, the Dutch oven can be your one-stop-shop for all your meals: breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert. Each benefits from the Dutch oven’s ability to hold heat for long periods, which is extra helpful when cooking over a campfire or grill.

No matter the season or style of food you’re hoping to cook, the Dutch oven guarantees a delicious meal made with love.

In need of ideas for your next Dutch oven meal? Not to fear, we’ve got you covered.

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Hearty Dutch Oven Dinner Ideas

Dutch ovens shine when attempting a braise, stew, or slow cook. For example, you can’t go wrong with a Rustic Beef Bourguignon, a Dutch Oven Corned Beef and Cabbage Stew, or classic Shepherd’s Pie, sure to fill you up after a long day in the woods.

For a dinner worthy of houseguests, consider Mustard-Braised Chicken Thighs with Melted Leeks or a light, fresh Aromatic Wild Salmon.

If you’re camping or cooking over an open fire, consider the Campfire Chicken with Pumpkin Seed Salsa: a delicious, brightly tangy dinner that comes together in just around 40 minutes (and satisfies for hours to come). Another campfire go-to is the Bison Chili; cut your veggies and mix spices in advance to create a dinner that can be throw together in a pinch.


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Vegetarian Dutch Oven Recipes

Whether attempting a meat-free lifestyle to cut down on your grocery bill or if it is already part of your everyday, vegetarian recipes make excellent main or side dishes. If you’re cutting down on animal products all together, you can swap in your favorite substitutions as needed in the majority of these recipes to make them completely vegan.

For a few lovely breakfast options, consider the fresh and aromatic Savory Spring Herb Tart with Burrata - or spice it up with Dutch Oven Eggs in Purgatory. (We’d also like to suggest that each of these make fantastic main dishes for dinner.)

For a main course that’s hands-on and packed full of flavor, we’d recommend the Jalapeno Hush Puppies and Oyster Mushroom Po’ Boys. Filling and flavorful, oyster mushrooms serve as the perfect substitute for the real thing - and act as an excellent protein source. Another filling main course is Farro and Creamed Nettles - or consider Sopa De Lima (with or without the listed chicken) for a bright, veggie-packed meal that satisfies no matter the season.

Of course, comforting side dishes are another opportunity to focus on non-meat ingredients; we love family favorites like Aged White Cheddar Mac & Cheese or a side of Cheddar Cornbread & Jam to cozy up a meal.


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Dutch Oven Side Dishes

Ranging from casual home cooking to high-end hors d’oeuvres, we’ve gathered a few favorite side dishes that come together with the help of the Dutch oven. For a side that accompanies any meal, consider the Dutch Oven Roasted Vegetables - or for an appetizer that wows guests, these Beet, Walnut, and Blue Cheese Napoleons or Spicy Vegan Mushroom and Cream Cheese Wontons are both mouth-watering and present with excellence.


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Dutch Oven Dessert Recipes

Dessert adds an extra special touch to a meal - and preparing dessert in a Dutch oven makes prep and cleanup a breeze. These Dutch oven dessert recipes also make great options for camping. Go classic with a Dutch Oven Peach Crisp or classic-with-a-twist with Crustless Apple Pie & Parsnip Ice Cream. Dutch ovens are also an exception for fall fruits, like our Browned Butter Cranberry Cobbler or a Dutch Baby with Fall Fruits & Pumpkin (which also makes for an incredible breakfast). Customize each of these recipes with whatever fresh fruit you have currently and enjoy!


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Camping Cocktails & Dutch Oven Drinks

Nothing beats a cozy seasonal drink, and preparing a beverage in your Dutch oven makes enough to serve a crowd while elevating unique flavors. If you’re looking for a camping cocktail, you can prep and then simmer all day, consider a Campfire Hot Toddy or a traditional Hot Buck. Or, for a more family-friendly option, Mulled Cider is always a winner.


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Dutch Oven Snacks & Camping Finger Foods

While the Dutch oven isn’t typically a go-to for snacks, we’ve developed a few fun recipes that do the trick (especially when cooking over a fire or camping). Easy to make and always a crowd-pleaser: the Dutch Oven Nachos are a winner! Or go simple yet elegant with Dutch Oven Rosemary Parmesan Popcorn.


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Kodiak & Barebones Recipes

We’ve been privileged to collaborate with Kodiak on a few sweet & savory recipes. When serving friends or family for dinner, Dutch Oven Pot Pie is always a winner (and made extra tasty with Kodiak’s Buttermilk mix). For a sweet dessert (or breakfast) option, try Dutch Oven Bread Pudding - or serve a crowd with Salted Caramel Kodiak Brownies.

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