Barebones in Puerto Rico

“We survive on hope and trust in the humanity we find in communities.”
- Dr. Timothy Dye

This message came on a phone call with one of our partners in Puerto Rico. It made us realize how deeply true this is. It’s the human response in the face of disaster that gives us hope that we can do good and lift each other up. Things can get better. That’s a message that needs to be heard and shared.

Hurricane Maria wiped out power, running water, cell phone service, buildings, and homes. The island was devastated and there are people working tirelessly to meet basic human needs. We were contacted by Dr. Timothy Dye and his organization for help. He and his in-country partners are responsible for seven community health centers throughout Puerto Rico.

As a result of the Hurricane, there are no more operational community health centers, but the health needs of the rural communities are daunting. “Everything is needed” he says, about the centers. “Our colleagues went to three health clinics in the mountains yesterday and they are desperate.”

So far, we’ve donated seven Lodge and Outfitter shelters to be used as mobile health clinics in remote, mountainous areas of Puerto Rico. It’s our way of making an impact, however small, in the face of massive destruction that has left so many people in need.

To date, Barebones has donated the following to hurricane relief efforts:

  • 7 Rural Health Clinics
  • 75 Transitional Houses
  • 15 Medical Tents
  • 97 Shelters Total

Stay tuned for updates on this story. We will continue to work with amazing partners like Dr. Timothy, Tifie Humanitarian, Direct Relief, and Light Up Puerto Rico to help communities get back on their feet. If you’re looking for ways to help, you can donate here.


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