Forage to Fire

Last Saturday we held an intimate gathering at Barebones Ranch, nestled into the mountainside of northern Utah, brought together by our hardworking team and the wonderful folks behind Secret Supper, Tournant, and so many more.


THERE WAS A MEAL FOR THE AGES cooked over a wood fire stretching 10 feet in all directions, with embers flickering long into the night, from Jaret Foster and Mona Johnson of Tournant.



TWO LONG COMMUNAL TABLES were beautifully adorned with inspiration drawn from our surroundings along with thoughtful wine pairings from Danielle Firle from Secret Supper, all beneath cascading tents from Under Canvas.



THERE WERE PUMPKINS NESTLED among smoldering embers roasting while Chase Worthen from Nice and Easy Co. stirred up campside Old Fashioned cocktails with rye from nearby Sugar House Distilling.



AS THE SUN BEGAN TO SET, our guests gathered around the tables as we heard some heartfelt words from our founder Robert Workman and our hosts for the evening, then dinner began. The echoes of laughter, chatter, and glasses clinking grew as the roar of the fire settled into a flickering glow and wine was traded for steaming cups of La Barba coffee.



Though it all happened only a few days ago, the memories already feel as much dream as reality. And that’s the way we believe it ought to be—warm hearts, full bellies, cheeks sore from time well-spent with good people in the outdoors.

Photos and story by Caroline Hargraves


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