Safe Shelter Syria

To date, we have donated 18 Outfitters that are used as mobile medical units to provide an oasis to vulnerable Syrian women and children. These shelters stand as a safe place to be treated, to recover, to wait, to rest.

Thanks to the extraordinary efforts of our partner, DirectRelief, these shelters have been set up outside of Hope Hospital, the first crowd-funded hospital built to provide pediatric care in a remote area outside of Aleppo. With the closest hospitals miles away, Hope Hospital is starting to provide services to an underserved area of 60,000 people in the Aleppo countryside.

"It gives us the space to continue providing services until the main building is ready," said a representative of Independent Doctors Association in Syria. "The tents are essential to Hope Pediatric Hospital as a waiting area." 



Since October 1, five hospitals in Idbib have been destroyed by Russian and Syrian airstrikes.



Hospitals are still under attack. Doctors and health professionals are working in fear daily. Health clinics are literally moving underground to protect themselves from bombs.



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