Update: Barebones in Puerto Rico

Read our first blog post on Puerto Rico.

Since the Barebones shelters arrived in Puerto Rico two weeks ago, volunteers have been working tirelessly to get them set up for families in need. Families who have waited over 10 weeks to regain any sense of normalcy.

Volunteer Mindy Burton and her team set up a Lodge tent inside the footprint of Maria and her husband's home. "That tree you see landed on their home, completely destroying it, except for the bathroom. Her grandson saw it fall over...Luckily their instincts told them to leave and run to another home so no one was hurt," said Burton.

Maria has lived on this property in Queberdillas her entire life. "This shelter is helping them gain back their sense of dignity," Burton said, "Now, they have a safe shelter they can walk into and maintain privacy in their own space." 

Maria is a mother of four. She and her husband were sleeping on the couch in one of her daughters' homes until now. Burton said, "She cares for her grandchildren and expressed that there are no words for her gratitude." 

We'll continue to share updates as we work with amazing partners like Dr. Timothy, Direct Relief, and Light Up Puerto Rico to help this beautiful community recover from this tragic disaster. If you'd like to help, learn more here.

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