15 best gifts for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day can sometimes feel like a quick scramble to find the perfect gift to show Mom, or that mother figure in your life, how much you care. And while it’s impossible to sum up love with a dollar amount, selecting a thoughtful gift can make them feel seen and appreciated long after the second Sunday in May passes us by.

We’ve assembled some of our favorite picks for Mother’s Day this year. Check them out below!

For The Mom With A Green Thumb:

Whether Mom prefers to grow produce or assemble flower bouquets to gift to friends and neighbors, the Gathering Bag is an ideal choice to make outdoor harvesting simple and tidy. The removable waterproof liner makes cleanup from dirty produce or muddy stems easy: simply remove the liner and shake or rinse out. Plus, the sturdy waxed canvas assembly of the bag means no more frustratingly droopy tote bags that are easily stained and toppled over. It’s easy to clean, carry, and use – perfect for wherever Mom takes it.


Hori Hori Ultimate

This ingenious Japanese-inspired tool takes the place of a spade, measuring stick, and knife - and it’s an excellent choice for Mom, whether she cultivates houseplants or has a garden shed full of dahlia tubers. Its pointed tip and wide blade make digging holes for seeds a simple task - and the handy inch measurements on the side of the blade allow Mom to plant with precision.


An excellent and often overlooked addition to a gardening tool belt, these precise and stylish scissors have a wide ambidextrous grip that makes them easy to use for all gardeners and mobility levels. Mom will love using these walnut Garden Scissors for trimming fresh greens and delicate florals, and even prepping herbs in the kitchen.

For The Mom Who Loves To Host:

Polished Dutch Oven

An excellent choice for camping, traditional oven cooking, and beyond, Mom will love using the Polished Dutch Oven for slow cooking. It’s 15% lighter in weight than other comparable cast iron cookware, making it easy to use and clean. It's also free of toxic chemicals and seasoned with organic sunflower oil, so it's ready to use right out of the box!


Wooden Spoon & Spatula

Whether Mom cooks at home or on the road, this gorgeous black walnut kitchen duo works perfectly with even the most scratch-prone cookware - without the risk of toxicity caused by plastic kitchen tools. Both the spoon and spatula work well for traditional indoor cooking and open-fire or campfire cooking. Ideal for travel and anytime Mom is on-the-go.


No. 7 Nakiri Knife

If Mom is the queen of salads or takes pride in growing and serving her own zucchini, the Nakiri knife will make quick work of vegetables of all sorts. Its deep, straight blade excels at up-and-down chopping, like shredding a head of lettuce or cutting through dense vegetables - and its wooden handle has a comfortable grip for hands of all sizes.


Beautiful, high-quality, and sturdy enough to use indoors and out, this Enamel Mixing Bowl Set is available in two colorways and accented with a bronzed stainless-steel patina around the rim. Mom will love using these bowls for mixing, snacking, meal prepping, or even serving - they’re that beautiful!


Whether Mom cooks indoors or likes to grill, a sturdy and versatile kitchen apron can be the difference between a ruined shirt and a meal that comes together stress-free. Made of thick cotton and accented with leather, this apron will stand the test of time - and the added waist and chest pockets perfectly fit Mom’s glasses, recipe card, thermometer, or favorite spatula. The adjustable back fits any size and body proportion, making this apron a no-brainer as a gift.

For The Mom Who Enjoys Cultivating Her Space:

Slightly retro and endlessly stylish, this table & chair set is modeled after vintage card tables and church chairs. It has a weatherproofed clear finish, meaning Mom will love using it as both overflow holiday seating and as a lovely patio set in the backyard. Plus, each piece folds flat and has an inset handle, making it lightweight and transportable to the beach or on trips in the RV - without taking up tons of storage space in the garage or attic.


Whether Mom enjoys camping, hiking, or adding atmosphere to her outdoor space at home, the Outpost Lantern is key for creating a cozy and inviting space. Its vintage design looks excellent hung up on the patio or featured in an outdoor tablescape, and its warm light is bright enough for an outdoor reading light or to navigate the campsite in the evening. Plus, this lantern can be connected to a USB port to light or power its rechargeable battery - or add regular disposable D-batteries for easy access on-the-go.


Miners Lantern

If Mom loves collectibles and antique conversation pieces, the Miners Lantern is perfect for display. Plus, it’s functional, making it a charming addition to a bookshelf, mantle, or curio cabinet. It’s solid, sturdy, and has a magnetic base, making it fun for little hands.


Edison Pendant String Lights

It’s nearly impossible to find a Pinterest-worthy backyard or glamping setup that doesn’t include string lights these days - and these mini Edison lights fit the bill perfectly. Mom will love picking her favorite colorway to hang up in the backyard or pack for her next RV trip - they connect to a power source via USB, making them easily packable and versatile no matter the location.

For The Mom Who Has Everything:

Neelum Grocery Tote

Upgrade Mom’s endless cheap plastic totes with this stylish (and understated!) waxed canvas bag (comes in three sizes!). No more torn handles or holes in paper or plastic. This weatherproof and sturdy tote has a shoulder strap and handles, so Mom can use it in whatever way works better. It’s the perfect size for a market haul, everyday grocery shopping, or packing the grandkids’ toys in and out of the park without worrying about stains or dirt. Simply shake out the bag, or wipe with a damp cloth, and voila! Good as new.


Enamel Teapot

If Mom drinks tea or loves her French press coffee in the morning, this gorgeous enamel teapot makes the routine that much more satisfying. It looks beautiful as a fixture on the stovetop, or works just as well for campfire cooking. It comes in multiple colors, making it the perfect match for any kitchen or camp kit. Buy this and make her a relaxing cup of Chamomile tea.


Perfect for a DIYer, perpetual wine-bottle-opener, or a Mom who just likes to be self-sufficient in all circumstances. While a little unexpected as a gift for Mom, this knife comes in handier than you’d think. Its 4-inch blade is great for slicing quick bites for a charcuterie board, and folds in half to store easily in a pocket. Plus, its bottle opener and corkscrew attachments allow Mom to enjoy her favorite beverages on the go - perfect for time spent around the firepit, at the beach, or camping with friends and family.

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