All-in-One Cast Iron Grill
All-in-One Cast Iron Grill
All-in-One Cast Iron Grill
All-in-One Cast Iron Grill
All-in-One Cast Iron Grill
All-in-One Cast Iron Grill
All-in-One Cast Iron Grill
All-in-One Cast Iron Grill
All-in-One Cast Iron Grill
All-in-One Cast Iron Grill
All-in-One Cast Iron Grill
All-in-One Cast Iron Grill
All-in-One Cast Iron Grill
All-in-One Cast Iron Grill
All-in-One Cast Iron Grill
All-in-One Cast Iron Grill
All-in-One Cast Iron Grill
All-in-One Cast Iron Grill
All-in-One Cast Iron Grill

All-in-One Cast Iron Grill

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Grill. Wok. Smoker. Skillet. Braiser. Roaster. Deep fryer. Slow cooker. Stock pot.

The All-in-One Cast Iron Grill is an outdoor cook’s dream. A cast iron base and domed lid, grill grate, baking steel, tripod stand, and coal tray combine in countless configurations to expand your outdoor dining options. Done cooking? Pack it all down into a single self-contained bundle to minimize what you carry.

7 Ways to Use The All-In-One Cast Iron Grill

• Solid, durable cast iron construction
• Cast iron body is both cooking surface and grill base
• Compatible with open fire and coals
• Works with direct and indirect heat
• Grate included for grilling and steaming
• Baking steel replaces griddle and skillet
• Adjustable charcoal tray with wind guard
• Use with or without tripod stand
• Tripod stand works with grill grate
• Accessories fit inside for easy storage
• Easy-carry side handles
• Simple care and cleaning
• Pre-seasoned with sunflower oil

Items Included:
Wok base
Domed lid
Grill grate
Baking steel/griddle
Tray lifter
Tripod stand
Adjustable coal tray
Wind guard

15" x 13" x 19"
25.2 lbs

4 quarts with room to boil


Country of Origin:
This product is proudly made in China. As a Certified B Corporation, we ensure that our commitment to safe, ethical, and sustainable practices is upheld by each company and artisan that touches our products worldwide, without exception.

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Q: Can I store my All-In-One Cast Iron Grill outside for extended periods of time?
A: This item is not meant to be stored outside for long periods of time. Extended exposure to wet conditions may cause rust and unnecessary wear and tear. We recommend storing your All-In-One Cast Iron Grill indoors or covered after use to help it last as long as possible and to avoid the need to purchase a replacement.

Q: Where is your cast iron made?
A: Our cast iron is designed in Salt Lake City, Utah, and manufactured by trusted facilities in China.

Q: Why are your products manufactured outside of the U.S.?
A: At the core of Barebones’ DNA is a commitment to help individuals and communities at the most human level - without hesitation and without borders. We espouse the same mindset when selecting the partners with whom we work. We choose to collaborate with organizations and craftsmen around the globe based on common goals and shared values, with the intention of supporting people both within our borders and worldwide.

Made For A Lifetime

The process for forging Barebones cast iron contains no coincidence. With meticulous artistry and craftsmanship, each piece is pre-seasoned with natural, organic oils. And by leaving the surface ever so raw and rugged, the oils are better absorbed, providing a better cooking surface from the very first use. Unlike other cast iron, it isn’t necessary to wash or scrub Barebones cast iron before use - we don’t use any resins to cover imperfections. We deliver lasting cast iron pieces that are as naturally beautiful as they are durable.

After seasoning, our cast iron is packaged and shipped to its new home. Move it directly from package to stove, oven, or fire pit. Pre-seasoned and free of harmful chemicals, your cast iron is ready to use.

Artisan's Alchemy

We do something a little different with our cast iron that sets it apart from other cast iron cookware - we strengthen it with steel. By adding a greater portion of steel than other cast iron makers, each piece is better tempered to handle rapid temperature change without the cracking or breaking that typically occurs in more iron-dense products. This also allows our cast iron to be 15% lighter than similar cast iron products, offering smoother handling and a more agile cooking experience.

Enhanced durability in a lighter finished product is a staple of Barebones cast iron. But the real magic lies in the cooking experience.

From rich stews and soft breads, to cast iron chicken and crisp desserts, our cast iron delivers a culinary experience worthy of passing onto your next generation.

Rugged Beauty

Those who cook with Barebones cast iron immediately notice a difference in texture from other cast iron products: it’s raw and rugged, yet primed to develop a smooth, glassy texture through time and cooking. We leave the surface just raw enough to allow for better effects in our pre-seasoning process and the cooking experience. Highly raw and grainy cast iron is typically treated with resin-based sealants to cover imperfections and weaker areas that may crack over time. Barebones cast iron is not.

Customer Reviews

Based on 80 reviews
Don A.
Love it, will use it, but have concerns

I really like the all-in-one cast iron grill, but there are a couple of things that potential buyers need to be aware of. First, the grill was made in China. I wish there was an American Made option. The other thing is, after using it two times, the paint started peeling off of the baking steel. So, just know, the. baking steel is not cast iron.

Rick Z.

Due weather not cooperating, have not been able use our new grill at this time

Keep us posted! We love feedback!

Arturo R.
Awesome product

I love camping and so does my family. I’m also an avid cast iron collector and let me tell you this is our new favorite cookware. We do not leave home without it. We even use it at our home when it’s just the wife and I sitting outside having the grill next to us. Love it well made and thought of.

well made

The cast iron part is very well made. I do have a concern using the cast part as a grill, it has no way to vent it when cooking with the charcoal in the cast pot bottom. Thinking it kinda be hard to control the heat, haven't used it yet but will report as I do. I like the thought you can deep fry fish with the fire on the outside. It appears to be well thought out, time will tell.

Donna G.
I love my cast iron grill

It's a piece of artwork! It's so well made. I did have a problem keeping the coals hot enough but I think I didn't have enough coals to start with. I'd love to have a starter cook book for it.

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